To Saeed music is poetry of sounds that shall bring light into this world. Decades ago he discovered his musical ability to compose pieces of music.

By continuously expanding his knowledge about music, he enhances his ability to express thoughts, feelings and sentiments through sounds.

Saeed will soon start to publish some of his works.


Saeed says about himself: “My blood contains more sounds than blood cells”.
Since it was not on his path to study music at university, he started to study it autodidactically. His first achievements have encouraged him to use his pianistic abilities for his music. For it is not only important what is being played, but rather who plays it and what the pianist feels while he is playing, says Saeed.

Music interpreter

Thoughts, fears, delight, infatuation, anger, struggle etc. may be the content of music. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the content of music. Therefore Saeed interprets such pieces of music and tries to put their content into words. He says: “you can translate music into words so that it becomes comprehensible and enjoyable for many people.” He deeply cares about classical music in particular. He would like to guide the audience into the spiritual world of the composer and the classical music.

A true composer
is a poet of sounds.

Sounds are the language of music.
But they are only
bowls that hold a content.

True music is a sound bridge
between people and the Creator.

Summer day as a pair

In my dreams I spend a wonderful summer day full of love, joy and fulfillment with my fantasy-girlfriend. This piece of music arose from these dreams. This is a musical window to the future, where dreams of love come true!

This video contains only the main part of this composition. Someday I will make something bigger and much more beautiful out of it, perhaps an orchestral piece. This piece of music is one of more than 400 compositions that I have created so far.

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