Saeed also disseminates the divine wisdoms in an easily understandable way through his books. He writes stories, novels, poems, non-fiction and textbooks.

He published his first two books at the end of 2011: a guidebook and a book of quotations. His first e-books were published in 2014: a guidebook, the book of quotations and five stories about his childhood.

The popular guidebook “Triumph of Love over Ego” deals with hundreds of misunderstandings and fallacies which give us a hard time. The paperback is available in German and will soon be released in English.

The e-books are available at in 6 different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Triumph of Love over Ego
Guidance to Happiness

This guidebook reveals misunderstandings and false conclusions, it includes more than 170 topics.

Moments of Infinity

is the first volume of a great series of stories based on true incidents. This volume comprises Saeed´s first 5 stories.

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