Saeed 's CleanSys Consultation

Saeed's CleanSys Consultation is a telephone consultation which includes the cleansing and liberation of the three most important levels of human existence:

  1. Subconsciousness and consciousness

  2. Soul body

  3. Energy body.

In this consultation, Saeed will work with you to find out your currently most important issues and problems, which must be resolved as soon as possible.


In the course of his work as a consultant over the past 25 years, Saeed has repeatedly discovered that our problems - without exception - have spiritual causes. Spiritual causes can be misunderstandings, convictions, beliefs, negative conclusions, and the like. They are hidden in our subconscious and control our consciousness from there. They dictates our decisions and take on great power in our lives! Therefore, we cannot do the things that we want in our hearts, but we do things that we don't really want. A striking indication of this is that we cannot explain our actions.


The negative memories in our subconsciousness cause disharmonies in our upper consciousness, soul body, energy body and physical body. All of our problems arise exclusively from the radiation of these negative energies and can result in health issues, partnership-, financial-, professional- and social problems or blockages and inexplicable phenomena. Our problems are nothing more than materialisations of these mental errors in our subconscious. If the negative memories are solved and deleted, our problems will be solved and deleted!


In his unique consultation Saeed will help you to track down and solve the faulty switching in your subconscious. Then he carries out a correction in your energy body. He frees you from the invisible enemies that block you and make your life difficult. As a result you will feel fresh, vital and happy. Only this way is it possible for you to live your life and achieve your goals with ease. The incredible reports in the testimonials and the comments on his YouTube channel confirm the impact and effectiveness of his work.

Saeeds CleanSys consultation can help you solving the following problems:


  • Health problems on an energetic and emotional level

  • Financial problems

  • Occupational problems

  • Fear, anger and grief

  • Traumatic experiences

  • Karmic burdens from other incarnations

  • Emotional-energetic ties and captivities

  • Blockages, inhibitions and negative patterns

  • Negative beliefs and convictions

How to get the best results:


Make a list of the problems you have. Find out which ones are most important to you and which ones you want to solve as soon as possible. Through this preparation, the causes can be found quickly and easily and you can be freed from them with ease.

It is highly recommended to be as relaxed and undisturbed as possible during the session.

Saeed's Cleansys consultation will be on the phone or via Zoom, it takes about 60 minutes and costs 150.00 Euro. When placing your order, please tell us your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, your current place of residence and your telephone number. After we have received your payment, you will get a call or email from Saeed to make an appointment. Up to now, the consultation is only provided in German.

Customers up to 27 years of age receive a special price of 90.00 Euro on the first consultation.

incl. VAT

incl. VAT