These are the karmalogists offering you a consultation

The karmalogists are Saeed’s only students worldwide who have learned the profound knowledge of karmalogy from Saeed at first hand. By practically applying their karmalogical skills they have consolidated and enhanced their proficiency and have gained invaluable experiences and insights in a wide range of topics.

The karmalogy students not only meet Saeed’s high quality standards of advice and spiritual help, they enjoy every challenge to decode apparently hopeless situations of customers who are seeking advice. In this way, they have helped many people e.g. on karmalogy events to find a way out of seemingly insolvable situations.

For the karmalogists there is no problem that cannot be understood and solved. It is always nice to see how karmalogy transforms problems into spiritual gifts. The more problems a person faces, the more gifts he has available to make use of.

Challenges only approach us if we are strong enough to meet them.

More information about the karmalogic consultation can be found below on this page.

Karmalogist Claudia


Claudia’s enthusiasm in helping others has always been her hallmark. She spreads joy and fighting spirit and helps to overcome any obstacle.

Karmalogist Evi


Evi has a very calm and gentle way of touching people deep in their hearts. She has been giving her customers light and hope for years.

Karmalogist Diana


Diana has a wealth of experience in advising people in different situations for years. She gives her advice with joy and passion.

Karmalogist Carsten


Carsten has a deep insight and perspective. This helps him to identify the possible causes and to convey them in simple words to those who are seeking advice.

What will you get from a consultation?

  • You will get deep insights about your personality.
  • You will get an overview of your destiny and your path of life.
  • You will understand the major tasks of your life.
  • You start realizing what your talents, skills, capabilities and possibilities are.
  • You will get a better understanding of your positive and negative characteristics, of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You will get a deeper knowledge of the karmalogically caused backgrounds influencing the relationships to your parents, siblings, and children.
  • You are able to understand the reasons and the meaning of your experiences and problems in the past, the present and the challenges meeting you in the future.
  • You will receive usable information of the ways you can develop your relationships to other people, friends and partners.
  • You will understand what caused your current economic and professional situation, and envision the way towards a successful and happy life.
  • You will get to know the spiritual, mental, psychological and karmalogical backgrounds of your health problems and an easy way to live a healthy and strong life.
  • You will get the information when to expect certain forces having an effect on your personal destiny.

We are offering consultations in English or German via telephone or skype.


  1. Choose a karmalogist by clicking on the link attached leading you to our shop.
  2. You will be guided through the purchasing procedure inside the shop.
  3. The consultancy takes one hour and costs 60 Euros.
  4. You will submit the personal data necessary for us preparing your horoscope.
  5. The karmalogist you have chosen will contact you to make an appointment for your consultation.

We recommend:

  1. Try to focus on your current problems as detailed as possible.
  2. Try to break down your problems into specific questions that you want to ask during the consultation.
  3. Take notes during the consultation for coming back to important points in the future.

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