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Customer Reviews on Triumph of Love over Ego

Aurelia on Triumph of Love over Ego

“I have read the whole book and can only recommend it to anyone who aspires a wholehearted living and become happy.

It's a good guide that helps to get to know oneself better. We all have wrong thought patterns, behavior patterns and sensations that keep us from living our lives in joy and harmony with ourselves and others.

We often lack the courage or the confidence to take the steps that are truly necessary - to follow the call of our hearts. This is exactly where this book comes in.

This book explains very clearly how we can overcome all obstacles, that stand between us and our true self. Only then, we become free and self-determined.

One benefit of the book is that it divides the different lessons in simple and clear chapters.

So you can even use it as a reference book to e.g. look up the difference between a 'true' and a 'false' friend.

I used to read a lot of books on self-fullfillment but always had the impression that they just wanted to leave the reader in good mood, instead of sustainable change.
The format of the print is handy because you can carry it around everywhere.

In this book I have uncovered a lot of misunderstandings, which was very helpful for me.
A big praise!!!

Clara on Triumph of Love over Ego

“The book made me think, touched my soul and heart. Often with a handkerchief in hand. It cleared longlasting misunderstandings. Misconceptions and misinformation about civilization and economy are uncovered and explained. The individual chapters are short and 'crisp', without unnecessary words.

I keep picking it up, just opening it or looking for certain topics that are currently moving me. Every time it brings new insights and therefore light into my life. I am very grateful that in the large book range now there is a true book - just a Triumph of Love over Ego.
A reference book for every day. A gift from God that everyone should read.

Birte on Triumph of Love over Ego

“I've always been looking for answers, I've read a lot of guides and esoteric books. With each of those books, I had the impression that someone had come up with a nice theory. This was framed nicely but not applicable in everyday life. So after reading and failed attempts of implementation, you were back to where you started.

This is completely different with this book! You can immediately feel that the author's writing is true. I have never experienced an introduction to all of our misunderstandings, which was so easy, clear and precise! While reading I had so many eye-opening experiences and I am absolutely thrilled!

What I find particularly nice is that the author does not use complicated foreign words. He uses examples which are very close to reality and thus can be understood by everyone. It is very easy to read and has an incredible depth at the same time.

It helped me to see and to understand many things more clearly. Now I just have to put them into practice ... This book is a real gift!

It is also very well structured so that you can quickly find the chapter on the topic that interests you most.
The book is very constructive and motivating. It helps you to actively deal with yourself and deal with your own life. Then you can see where you have misunderstandings and what has to be changed to become happy. It is surprising that these are mostly just small things! These steps then only have to be implemented. And that's the nice thing about it: Man forges his own destiny. Life changes as soon as you change. If you take the responsibility, you keep going and can overcome all misunderstandings one after the other.

One also sees that the author put a lot of effort and love into all ist details. Everything is designed lovingly, well thought out, nicely structured and reader-friendly. The cover picture already makes me happy.

If you want to get ahead in your life and are looking for answers, or looking for a gift for a loved one, I highly recommend this book!

I hope the author will publish more books of this kind!

Antonia on Triumph of Love over Ego

“'Triumph of Love'  is a firework of enlightenment from the first to the last page.

Sometimes I can only read one chapter because the content is so intense and true that I first have to digest this concentration of wisdom. But afterwards I feel lifted, released and built up.

It is simply insane how the author reveals the truth behind the greatest misunderstandings and misconceptions of mankind with clear words, love and reason.

Whichever page I turn, it always fits the current moment.
The book is awesome. I'm excited!!!

Gloria on Triumph of Love over Ego

“It is difficult for me to find the same simple words, that Saeed uses, to do justice to the peculiarity of this book. But that is probably Saeed's nature, namely to understand what all people experience in the ups and downs of their lives and to reflect all that in understandable and simple words. This is a book that you love to share with everyone and and no longer hand out.

Gina on Triumph of Love over Ego

“A non-fiction book that not only deserves this category but totally transforms it. This book is the evidence that one can write a non-fiction book without difficult or completely incomprehensible technical terms, so that everyone understands it.

And that's exactly what the author Saeed Habibzadeh is all about. He wants everyone to understand the truth. His audience should not be hand-picked specialists but you and me.

For Saeed everyone is special and thus is his life. And this books supports each and everyone in understanding and overcoming the obstacles only he himself can solve. Could there be anything better than a life developing out of one's own inner strength?

We all search for ways to master our lives. Wherever we get stuck, this book shows us the sources of errors and helps us to develop our own solutions.

Highly recommended!

Lisa on Triumph of Love over Ego

“I knew that something was wrong in my life, I could never say what it was.

When I started reading this book, I often thought: 'Yes, that's exactly the way it is', 'True, this knowledge takes me further' or 'Aha, that's how I should organize my thinking and acting.'

This book not only helps you to get to know your own personality, but also to better understand and classify the behavior of others.

Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, this book helps you to find access to yourself. This book seems to be particularly recommended if you
1. are willing to truly and honestly reflect yourself
2. want to learn and understand the truth beyond the obvious
3. really want to change something in your life

If you read the book with this intention, you will have many eye-opening experiences and change your current living conditions positively.

You get the opportunity to recognize and understand the truth in all aspects of life. The author does this with simple, memorable examples. Although the language of this book is clear and simple, the author has succeeded in making complex contexts clear. Therefore I recommend reading the book carefully and slowly so that you can transfer as much as possible for yourself, your life and your fellow human beings.

Susanne on Triumph of Love over Ego

“If you are looking for answers to questions that nobody has been able to answer before, the solution comes here.
This book clears up misunderstandings and shows the difference between heart and mind in simple and understandable language. With the help of this guide we have the opportunity to recognize how we can live fulfilled and bceome happier day by day. It is up to us every single moment of our lives.

If you read this book with an open heart, you will feel how the light touches every corner of your consciousness. Through putting the truth stated into practise, everyone is capable of living a fulfilled life.

Through the truth, that is revealed, Saeed conveys hope and courage to seek and go one's own way.

Thanks for that!

Judith on Triumph of Love over Ego

“The first time I held Saeed's book in my hand, I had no idea what to do with it. I thought that he was just another esoteric in the chain of meditating therapists. But with every word I have read and heard from him, I have become clearer and calmer and I am pleased that he has now released a new edition of his classic. The subtitle 'Guide to Happiness' fits everyone who is open to the truth.

Xenia on Triumph of Love over Ego

“Finally the truth comes out. The book reveals what is really going on in this world.
A real helpl to solve one's own problems and to clear up the misunderstandings in ourselves.
I can recommend this masterpiece to those who are still searching for the truth.
A real guide to becoming happy!

I have given this book away to friends and business partners several times.
Their feedback came back in gratitude and ..... that they were different afterwards!

Gabriele on Triumph of Love over Ego

“For me personally, this book is the most valuable book I have ever held in my hands. It has the power to help a person regain a clear perspective in times of great confusion. Nowadays one no longer knows 'what is true, what is wrong' .. .what should I believe, what not .. one says this, the other says that ... everyone creates their own truth and in the end you are not smarter than before.

Through 'Triumph of love over Ego' I have finally been able to find THE truth in all this chaos. After this long search, this book calms my heart and soul throurgh the truth which is revealed and connects us all.

What excited me was the fact that I read the same chapter with a time delay (at intervals of, for example, 3 months) and that I gained a completely different (more profound) knowledge over the time. By this I'd like to point out that the book will be my lifelong companion and that I will always read 'new things', although the content does not change, only my mental development. Very exciting.

In addition I always feel purified  when I have read it. It always touches my heart and makes me very, very happy. Especially when I don't know what to do and I feel like I'm at a dead end. Or when a topic comes up in my everyday life and I don't understand what it exactly is about, when I want to understand the meaning. Then I pick up the book and immediately see the higher truth. What a blessing.

It helped me to understand myself, my environment, the world and the people better, to make peace with my past and thus with everything else.

I would like the whole world to read this masterpice. In the end, the world would no longer be what it is now.
A book that I warmly recommend to everyone. A real masterpiece.

Thank you Saeed for sharing and ebaling me to read.

Jan on Triumph of Love over Ego

“If you are longing for the truth, you will get a book that really deserves this name.

The book is simple, clear and easy to understand. It deals with widespread misconceptions, errors that people are subject to and that make life appear difficult.

The book has helped me to better understand my fundamental problems and behavior patterns. My life has changed in a positive way. I treat myself and my fellow human beings differently and that starts to bear fruit. I am less likely to find the culprits of my problems in others and it is easier for me to forgive other people. I have learned to be more aware of my time and resources and I have more zest for life again! I am beginning to understand better why there is so much suffering and misfortune in this world and what each individual can really do to change it.

This book is wonderfully structured according to individual topics and key words and serves both as a reference work and for normal reading because the topics are linked. Topics from all areas of life are explained.

No tricks, mantras, psychological or esoteric formulas are presented, but they are even revealed and the real relationships and functions behind them are described.

This book is a huge treasure of wisdom, a true masterpiece!

Thank you so much!

Rose on Triumph of Love over Ego

“This book is for all those who have always wondered what is really going on in the world and what goes damned wrong!
Saeed describes very understandably about the grievances and misunderstandings of daily life. The examples he gives make you smile but also make you think to rearrange your feelings and act differently.
A recommended treasure for those who want to understand the truth and are interested in the core of the world's problems.

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Customer Reviews on Moments of Infinity

Rahel on Moments of Infinity

“'Moments of Infinity' is a small treasure of five stories. Written from the perspective of a boy, it tells how he experiences the world.
It is an incredibly gripping booklet. It's so gripping because it reminds us like no other book of what it was like when we weren't used to dullness and selfishness.
They are stories from the heart for the heart. For laughing and crying.
The little boy, Saeed himself, sees a little bird die, he gets to know his first great love, he understands how adults worry about poverty, he does not understand why his teachers and classmates beat and abuse him, he is happy for the seasons and experiences for the first time how his mother mourns.
All of these are moments of infinity. And we are very lucky that Saeed wrote them down for us. Because such stories are also inscribed in our infinity and remind us that we are still alive, that we have feelings, and that we should be true to them ourselves.

Alina on Moments of Infinity

“While reading Saeed's childhood experiences, I remembered what I experienced as a child. Saeed describes his adventures very intensely and understandably. He describes so many details. So many of my own feelings and memories came back to my consciousness while reading. I had almost forgotten how I felt as a child.
This book is a journey into the past from the eyes of today. It reminds me of the importance of having feelings and being real, whether it means to be grief or to feel joy.
Thank you Saeed for this gift.

Rose on Moments of Infinity

“I love these stories. They are written so empathetically and grippingly. What I am particularly excited about is that they are full of wisdom.
Those who read these stories will see the world through different eyes, live more consciously and maybe do a good deed in one place or another.

Every reader shall enjoy it!

Ilona on Moments of Infinity

“A wonderful book. A book that reminded me of my own life. My own childhood experiences. My own feelings and thoughts that I had a long time ago. If I had not read this book of beautiful memories, I would have unfortunately forgotten these unique encounters. Moments of infinity ...

Overall the stories had a very healing, relieving and liberating effect on me. I experienced myself as part of the stories and thus relived my own childlike innocence and my divinity, which in my opinion is in each of us.

The stories are written really beautifully, unique and the words are chosen to be understood easily. A book 'for immersion'.

The 'normal' development that one undergoes from child to adulthood and beyond often leaves us dulled and detachted from our childish innocence. This book 'Moments of Infinity' helped me to relive my original innocence, to let old, deep-seated wounds, some of which I knew nothing at all, lovingly heal and to turn myself more to my true heart. My inner child found much comfort and was healed. A gift from God.

Thank you for this wonderful book, which is for me an absolute benefit as well as a clear recommendation to everyone who wants to get in touch with his true nature and his inner child.

Rita on Moments of Infinity

“Five stories, as we have probably experienced somehow in our childhood ourselves, told from the perspective of a little boy. Beautiful moments alternate with suffering and grief, but all due to a higher meaning. Saeed writes with a love and dedication that you rarely find in books. You feel captured by the stories and in the end, after putting them aside, you find yourself in an inner calm that is like balm on the wounded soul. Highly recommended not only for children and parents!

Kathrin on Moments of Infinity

“In all of these stories you can feel the incredible love of the author.
These 'little' stories are rather huge, because they have happened and are so deep that they touch us where only truth and love can touch us.
The reader travels into the world of a gentle and humble boy who wants nothing but love and peace, feels infinitely deep and is seldom understood.
But there is ONE who understands him ..... like all of us ....

Hilde on Moments of Infinity

“The title of Saeed's book already shone on me - moments of infinity. I have experienced those myself - little moments when my heart was touched so deeply that I became a different person. Sometimes it was just a glance, sometimes a longer encounter, a conversation on the bridge that turned into a lifelong friendship. I suppress such moments in my everyday life far too often. Saeed's book helps me to find my way back to myself. He lovingly describes his childhood from which adults can also learn - not an index finger that teaches, but a book full of love.

Vera on Moments of Infinity

“This book consists of five individual stories.
The story 'Sunrise' makes us feel born again by our heavenly Father. It is He who makes this life possible for us. For me this story shows that we become aware of our true origin and to whom we owe everything. What we make out of the gift of life is our responsibility.
'Carousel' is about receiving gifts in life. Even if we have empty pockets, there is someone who thinks of us. Every moment just only happens once and we should seize it by getting into the carousel of life.
'Coming home' tells that even when we are at the bottom of society, we have a heart and feelings like everyone else. Sometimes in life there are people who do not forget their acquaintances and do not judge by the appearance, but by their heart.
'Homework' is a story that most of us have experienced firsthand: Being surpressed by someone who was emotional and played off his power. People, that try to get everyone in their surrounding involved in their poker plays and fight for might. A story that happens every day in our world and makes people forget who they really are.
All of these stories are very profound and touch the soul because they are authentically written. The author tells so vividly that one directly experiences his life.

A wonderful book to give away and to make yourself aware of the importance, when someone else is there for us.

Peter on Moments of Infinity

“Reading the stories made me feel like I was in my own childhood and past. I have become aware of how important even the smallest experiences can be for the mental development and how much they can shape our character and our fate. The stories made me remember the preciousness of every experience, even the smallest touch, a kiss, a thank you. A tender touch from a loved one can do so much positive, as can a rejection, slap in the face or a wrong word from a caregiver can trigger negatively, especially in our childhood. The stories have helped me to deal with myself and my fellow human beings more consciously and attentively. They have made me more peaceful and helped me to rediscover and process long-forgotten or repressed images and feelings from the past.

The stories are simple but very exciting. I could hardly stop reading them through to the end. They touched me deeply. The reader can truly feel that they come from the heart.

I highly recommend them to adults and children of all ages!

Simone on Moments of Infinity

“A book for young and old that makes you aware of how precious every moment of life is.

Every person experiences an infinite number of moments, which serve to expand consciousness or to touch the soul. How clearly do we see the learning lessons behind these moments? Are we grateful for what we experience and receive?

Even after reading it several times, the stories keep touching me. Thank you for these drops of light!

Luisa on Moments of Infinity

“Wow .... this book has won my heart!
The very beginning of each story made me completely immersed. I felt like I was on a mental journey. A journey that also brought my personal moments of infinity back to light.
Thank you, I have never found this love and peace in any other book before.

My children are also enthusiastic, so I am pleased that there is finally a book that appeals to children and adults alike.

I wish that there are still many more of these wonderful volumes to come that I will buy immediately :-)

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