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“The conversation with Saeed changed everything for me. I finally got clarity about my calling. His clairvoyant, precise and appreciative assessment enabled me to look again at my life, my relationships and my independence. With just one conversation, I can now get started on all levels. Absolutely recommendable.”


“I am a very skeptical person. It takes a lot of effort to gain my trust. But what Saeed accomplishes is simply out of this world - just as Saeed as a person himself. I don't know anyone whose sincerity and conscientiousness is so unspeakably real as with him. I know Saeed for many years now. There has nothing evil or self-serving ever emanated from him. Even the opposite is the case  - he is always keen to give and help wherever possible. These are just a few reasons why I absolutely trust Saeed and why I decided to book a consultation.
I just enjoyed another session today. It's hard to describe what happens during and after the session. Your mind doesn't understand it.
I knew for many years that I was suffering from a great fear - the feeling that I am unable to learn and that I make my life extremely difficult. As preparation for this session, I made myself aware of when it all started, how I feel and what triggers me. However, I couldn't see the real origin.
Saeed used his method, he analyzed and recognized the origin immediately. He freed the energetic boundaries and lifted this enormous blockade. While he was doing this I saw colors and could clearly feel a fine tingling on the back of my head.
I don't really know how to describe it but it feels as though everything in me is being reconfigured. I suddenly feel different. After the last energetic coaching I felt that way even for days. I was suddenly very calm and relaxed in situations that would have made me despair before. I could see everything much more clearly. It's a strange feeling when there is suddenly no fear anymore. I am liberated. Everything is new at once, everything is possible !!!

With all my heart THANKS, Saeed. ... that you help me to become myself and to be allowed to live my real life.”


“First I was skeptical about how the consultation from Saeed would work and which effect it would have. Meanwhile, I had four sessions with Saeed and I am overwhelmed by the incredible help that Saeed offers to us.

It's a bit hard to understand, because Saeed's energy signals have nothing to do with the intellect and they change far beyond the conscious mind. The feelings change. The sentiment changes. For example, I've had many very serious fears that I had been carrying around for my whole life since I was a little child, like panic, fear and horror of the dark. These fears just disappeared after Saeed's help. After the last session I just walked through my apartment in the dark - something I have not dared to do for 30 years. I felt that it was not a pleasant situation for me, but I was not afraid anymore and I did not panic. The dark has just lost its terror.

I had always felt like being under a cloak, as if a dense shadow would rest on my soul, as if I had no access to my feelings and as if I couldn't express the beauty of my feelings to anyone around. After the sessions with Saeed, this cloak begins to dissolve slowly. And I am starting to become myself. I can clearly feel that things are reconfiguring inside me and that my life is drastically changing from now on.

What does a session with Saeed looks like? Saeed needs some information in advance of the session. It's for us the possibilty to realize what puts a strain on us. I did not know the reasons for everything, but it was helpful to ask myself what's wrong with me and why I'm not happy. I have sent this information to Saeed. During the session, Saeed empathizes with your soul and helps you to become aware of the true reasons for your situation, to be released from external energies which are not yours and which prevent you from living your life, a chance for us to recognize who we really are in order to find back to ourselves and to our divine nature. It takes about an hour. Saeed is attentive and sensitive, a really good consultant. I have never experienced anyone who was so keen to help. Even after the session, he is interested about how you are and what has happened. I trust him and I can wish everyone his mental and spiritual support.”


“Saeed is someone who clearly focuses on showing us the way to get closer to ourselves, to understand and recognize each other better and to find our own way in this world.
The first step in Saeed's new method is to free yourself from external energies. As long as they are within us, we act unconsciously and automatically. We have strange thoughts, such as 'I'm not good enough', 'I have to do something to be loved'. By releasing us from these foreign energies, we are able  to get closer to ourselves and our self-realization.
For me, that meant that I first thought about the people who affected me in my life. What influence did my family have? Mother, father? Were there other people who influenced me? For example, in my past there was a teacher who said 'Don't sing that loud', which caused  that I no longer dared to stand in the front row on stage and was convinced that I was not a good singer. After I compiled the list of influencing people from my past, Saeed started his treatment. I felt welcome, connected and light. The tears ran and I suddenly knew everything would be fine. A deep feeling of trust came up: I can be who I am. I feel that I am more determined and targeted after the treatment. I no longer behave in my old routines. I react more consciously. I recognize myself better and better, recognize what others might trigger in me and can deal with my emotions. I also have a lot less mood swings.
I gave a presentation last week. I used to be excited and nervous, sometimes even almost panicked before sepaking to others about my concepts. This time I was relaxed and calm. I was no longer afraid. Even after finishing, there was no longer my routine of internal self-criticism. I was able to accept myself as I am. It was good the way it was.
In general, my old fears decrease more and more, I present myself more and more as I am, say my opinion and do not hold back anymore. It is a whole new way of life, I feel like a free person who consciously decides about his own ife.
Saeed, your work is great and thank you from my heart !!!


“I am always very grateful to people who deliver very clear and truthful evaluations that I can apply. Therefore I would like to describe very precisely what Saeed's coaching has done for me.
Through his work I was able to discover incredible miracles within myself. When Saeed freed me from foreign energies, that belonged to my immediate vicinity, I suddenly felt relieved from a heavy burden, I no longer felt listless, old, heavy, full of fear, as a victim of others, was no longer afraid in front of people. During the treatment I could clearly feel that something dark was flowing out of me and that I was getting lighter within myself.
I suddenly felt much younger, more alive, full of joie de vivre and zest for action and also looked much younger. Wrinkles that I had before were gone. I could finally laugh heartily again.
Suddenly hostile and judgmental thoughts about my fellow human beings were gone. I felt connected to my fellows and understood them, became much calmer, more relaxed and no longer felt that I had to keep going all the time. I became much more open and friendly. The anxiety, that blocked me for a very long time, was suddenly gone.
Sometimes I could feel and see a very strong beam of light that was spreading out and taking more space in me, or I saw and felt strong waves of light that streamed through my whole body.
These light waves particularly flowed through my head and I sometimes had a very strong headache or I felt a wall around my heart that I had never noticed before and that was now dissolving. The headache I felt was good because I could feel the bad vibrations dissolving. They dissolved into the light.
I could feel in myself how I became light inside and saw myself how I really feel and how I am truely.
I feel that Saeed is the best helper. I've tried a lot of different things in my life and contacted countless consultants and really spent a lot of money on them. Nothing really helped. For me, in retrospect, this is often wasted time, because, for example, in counseling discussions you often only communicate with the other person in your mind and thus nothing changes. You get even more frustrated than before. This is definitely not the case with Saeed's coaching. For me, after decades of searching and trying things out, Saeed's energy coaching is the most effective and efficient today. Especially for people who live  in their heads, because with this method he does not address the mind, but works in depth. If you really want to get further in your life, you should definitely book this coaching.
For years I tried to get a grip on emotions, trained against fears or worked forever with my problems and none of that worked because it wasn't mine at all. I took it over from someone and couldn't solve it. Hence my recommendation, if you no longer want insoluble problems, recurring repetitions, fears, suffering, I can only warmly recommend Saeed to you. He can really help. It is only important to know that during or after the session old memories, strong emotions and painful experiences can come up again as your soul is doing a deep cleaning. It is therefore very important not to get involved with the old, but to let it go. This can last for days and weeks, depending on how quickly your soul lets the old flow out. Focus on the good or watch a funny movie at such moments.
I can only warmly recommend you to do this coaching in any case and I assure you that you will not regret a cent for it. It is an investment for a lifetime and especially first and foremost for yourself, but also for your fellow human beings, because they will experience you very differently.
Unfortunately, we are not even aware of the great influence the family had on us in our childhood and how it shaped us and our behavior. Who has not seen his mother as a goddess and done everything she said or used her as a measure of what is good?
Therefore I can only recommend you to do this coaching first, because we have taken over a lot from others, which is not from us, but again and again burdens us in soul, thoughts and body and makes us heavy and dark.
I wish you a lot of success and thank Saeed very much for his indescribable help.
I would like to give Saeed 5 stars in duplicate for this. Keep it up!!!


“Saeed's latest method of giving energetic impulses works like a turbo booster for me. In these sessions he energetically released me from programs and foreign energies. Since then I've been much calmer, more determined, decisive and energetic. The people around me also confirm that I am much more stable and clear. Accordingly I also get new tasks at work. Two years ago I would never have imagined how much money I earn today.
Unlike other spiritual people, Saeed does not want anyone to follow him, but ourselves. With all his teachings and methods he wants us to build trust in ourselves, to get to know one another in a kind way and be open for life.
I can differentiate much clearer what belongs to me and what doesn't, through Saeed's method to separate us from old programs energetically. I was often weirdly sad or had panic attacks for no reason. Saeed was able to solve all of that. Much of what I had done on my day before these sessions hadn't made me happy at all. On the contrary, my endeavors had made me more and more unhappy and sick. I often had felt like I was driven and I couldn't explain it. Through Saeed's energetic work, I feel that this distress came from extraneous energies and programs that were not mine. The sessions with Saeed made me more authentic, stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Only now do I see more and more where I want to go. I set completely new goals and do things that until recently were impossible and unreachable for me. I am very grateful to Saeed for this wonderful opportunity. I can, with absolute conviction, recommend anyone to attend these sessions, in case they really seek for progress.


“I was never able to concentrate properly, was always restless and made many mistakes at work.
I was never in the here and now and had blackouts that I could not explain.
Doctors could not help me, according to them I was very healthy.

That's when I discovered Saeed's method!
Since I am a fish (as astrological sign) it worked slowly but continuously. Now 2 months after the consultation, I feel clear and am more present than ever before.
The first successes at work and in private are coming up day by day.

Thanks Saeed !!!!


“The help from Saeed and Saeed's consultation are something absolutely unique. A coaching that stands out like a shining star from everything - simply different and special. In these sessions, Saeed deletes all foreign energies from you, everything that is not you and you have never been from you. So you get more and more of yourself back and recognize yourself.

What you really are.

How you feel

What you want

What is important to YOU

YOUR skills and gifts emerge (come more and more to the fore), very clearly and unambiguously

Memory of YOUR dreams and wishes (also from childhood, which were long forgotten / buried), they show up

YOUR strength, happiness, creativity, courage to live, ... everything that was once taken from you lies in you again.


Everyone is talking about beliefs right now. Many talk about beliefs in business, but hardly anyone knows what that is, where they derive from, if there is a legality for the beliefs, if there is an individual history for the belief. Saeed sees all of this at a glance and was given the gift by God to dissolve all of them, if you are willing to no longer feed your own misconceptions and sincerely let them go.

It is more than sustainable, it is eternal!

Because all the ties, foreign boundaries, wrong beliefs, traumas, blockades - simply everything that keeps us poor, heavy, stupid, chaotic, confused, exhausted, sick, consumes our energy and hurts our closest friends will never have a chance to come back or attach you ever again - if you decide so.

This decision is a mental decision that Saeed follows. It is not a decision out of your mind or conviction.

I felt very calm during the session. All that was keeping me nervous was suddenly quiet. Saeed's treatment feels like gentle rain. Glitter flakes that gently fill me and spread out. Sometimes I saw pictures, sometimes colors or I remembered people, situations / experiences, also very painful things that then became paler and suddenly disappeared - already during the treatment of Saeed.

The aftermath / effects / consequences of Saeed's consultation is immense, indeed superlative and cannot be described in words, cannot be grasped with the imagination: people react completely different than before, new opportunities open up both interpersonal, in partnership as well as professionally, financially, health-wise, physically, mentally ... I have never experienced this light-heartedness before ... simply indescribable. Through mental and spiritual cleansing, liberation and reconfiguration, only thanks to the sessions with Saeed. THE light foundation is laid in yourself for YOUR wealth, to be able to live YOUR life, to realize YOUR dreams, to earn YOUR money, to express YOUR arts and skills, to do what YOU have always wanted to be, from the bottom of YOUR heart.

Saeed gives us the freedom, we have to use ourselves.

For me Saeed is THE ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS COACH of all time and for us - in the 21st millennium - a wonderful gift given by God. Saeed knows what he's talking about, he does what he recommends, he walked the path himself, he worked hard on himself to get where he is now and all so that he can help us here in this angelic way in human form.

Thank you Saeed, without you I wouldn't be who I am. I possess what I possess - including what I have achieved financially, professionally and in terms of health in recent years - if you had not accompanied me / we had not met. You are an invaluable asset. Thank you so much from my heart.


“An unbelievable feeling. You think about questions and just don't know what to do next. Saeed has a soooo different point of view than most people have that it touches and changes me from the bottom of my heart again and again. I can really only recommend his advice!