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Customer Reviews on Saeed's Energy Cards

Katharina about Saeed's Energy Cards

“Very recommendable help for self-help.
I would like to take the opportunity here to recommend Saeed Habibzadeh's energy cards and all the service that goes with them. It is a real stroke of luck that I came across it and I would like to share this happiness.

First of all, I briefly introduce the creator of these energy cards or refer to his homepage and YouTube channel (that's how I discovered him) if the name is not yet familiar. Saeed Habibzadeh is a very special, musical life advisor / ambassador who knows how to convey information, wisdom and truths not only aptly through words, but also through energetic signals (like these cards here), musical works, colorful painterly accents or karmalogical- astrological analyzes - to name just a few aspects of the entire range of human and emotional expressions that he uses in a touching way to support his customers and lead to a harmonious whole. But he is also very practical (not aloof) and takes into account the prevailing structures that surround us and shows steps (or lets us recognize them for ourselves), how one can encounter them without forgetting / neglecting one's true nature.

Having said that, I will now report on my experiences with the energy cards. I use the card set at different times of the day because it doesn't distract me from my tasks. On the contrary, I have the feeling that the card immediately supports me in the moment. For example, I have a job in which I am often confronted with a lot of injustices and arbitrariness. Since I've been using the cards, I've been incredibly relaxed. Finally I can really stay with myself, very calmly, almost gently, analyzing things with a factual clarity that impresses myself. But everyone should try this for themselves, as different levels are addressed and the reactions to it can be different for everyone. To get started, it is certainly helpful to first use the cards in your free time. I also notice that I am much more present in the present moment. In the past, I was often not really there in many situations, somewhere mentally disappeared into the felt nothingness. A new gentleness means that I can get the eternal criticism under control and also stop. I notice immediately when I want to start again ... I can watch it and let go. It feels very liberating and creates space for stronger, lasting feelings of love, for the things that I encounter and the life that has been given to me. I am excited to see what experiences I can still have with the help of the cards and what new, previously hidden facets I can discover in myself. I can only recommend everyone to try these cards. It is a wonderful aid to self-help.

The service also deserves the highest recognition. No sooner had I ordered the tickets than they arrived at my place. I have seldom seen such rapid processing. I was able to take the cards out of a beautiful, colored envelope - even the color was individually and carefully chosen according to my needs.”

Hermes about Saeed's Energy Cards

“I thought I had to assert myself like men, be like them and be strong. I lost sight of myself, nothing was going on in my life, everything just felt like that. I actually didn't exist in my life. I got used to act like a macho even though I never felt like that.
These cards helped me to feel my tender, beautiful, fairy feminine side again.
An absolute chance for every woman who wants to feel herself again!

Conny about Saeed's Energy Cards

I have already tried several of Saeed's energy cards and I was totally surprised by the effect every time. For the skeptical among us there is also the introductory card to try them out :). The cards put me in a special state of silence. I could and can perceive and feel a lot more. This made me more attentive, intelligent and relaxed. With the relevant topics addressed by the card, either the otherwise present blockages were simply gone or it was much easier for me to understand and resolve them. Of course, the cards cannot replace your own willingness to develop. However, when both the cards and your will come together, nothing will stop you. So if you really want to go forward in your life, you should use the cards to develop much faster and easier. In addition, we are not even aware of many of our problems. The cards circumvent this because they affect everything negative in us, including everything we ourselves have so far overlooked. It is also important to mention how much love and effort Saeed puts into the cards. Just how nicely packaged it is when it arrives and, above all, how individually.

Sunflower about Saeed's Energy Cards

Little helpers with a gigantic effect! These cards are an incredible help. Sometimes I wear them, but sometimes also Saeed's stones. Sometimes it feels as if you are being reassembled inside, sometimes I suddenly feel joy again or feel something again in a context. I am clearer and I become aware of things that I know that are not good for me. After this awareness, it is easier for me to have the courage to act differently or to say no, or to do something that I have not dared to do before. For me they are like little elves who help me to find my way and fly.

Katharina about Saeed's Energy Cards

“I can wholeheartedly recommend the energy cards from Saeed to anyone who wants to no longer be blocked in his head, but get past it and take decisive steps forward.

In any case, that was and is key for me. I have already tried many things to free myself from emotional chains - such as fears, sadness, anger. This was an ongoing process. However I also slowed myself down again and again through my brooding an remained inhibited.

Through Saeed's method however I can instantly see the results. The effects are long-lasting and work from within. Emotional barriers are released. It is a way of maturation and therefore very sustainable. It seems simple but is very deep, touching and multifaceted.

It is certainly always possible to block the process yourself. The responsibility for this remains with you. But if you really want to develop, the cards from Saeed offer great support. Therefore my recommendation for dealing with Saeed's signals is: Don't try to understand or explain them with your head . Avoid thinking or judging. Keep your goals in mind and focus on your feelings alone. The results are astonishing! (And I rarely tend to exaggerate.)”

Ruth about Saeed's Energy Cards

“Have you ever been trapped in a loop? Experienced the same things repeatedly in partnership without any changes? That even meeting your partner becomes more and more a routine? Or if your're a single: That you date always the same kind of person?  And you cannot no longer stand  the monotony?
Personally I have experienced all of this. Even the end has always been the same and I have been wondering all my life why it has to be like this.
Saeed helps us to free ourselves from ex partners, from energetic programs, boundaries and partnership patterns that bind us to our past. These can also be boundaries from past incarnations.
When these energetical chains are broken one first feels total emptiness. All that existed before is no longer there and you are now entering uncharted territory that you do not yet know.
I can wholeheartedly recommend everyone to take a set of cards. Only through this energetical purficiation we will attract those partners that truly have a meaning for us. Life is the opposite of repitition and can only happen to us, if we are real ourselves. Saeed helps us exactly in that process.
Personally I can recommend you to be very vigilant after the sessions to not renew your old patterns and thoughts.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Saeed's work to anyone who wants to live happily and joyfully. Whether it is in parterships or all other areas of life, Saeed helps anyone who wants to get ahead in their life. For me, he is the most honest and invaluable person, I have ever met.  (And this is said by someone who is a very critical a person. I am very sceptical towards the work of other people, especially when it comes to people who call themselves 'helpers'). For me, the money for a set of energy cards is ridiculous compared to what a priceless gift you get.
Thank you very much for your help, Saeed.”

Louisa about Saeed's Energy Cards

“Unfortunately when it comes to energetic work, there are many black sheeps in the market. So I'm more careful.
I am a very sensitive person who perceives a lot of images directly from the soul. A lot of them came up during Saeed's energetic session. That was really tough. Images, probably from other lives, sensations that were very violent and also painful. But also very nice pictures and feelings. In my head it felt like my brain was moving.
The whole session is like a complete cleaning program. My body also reacted, in the sense that I detoxified myself particularly strongly.
But when the soul is cleansed, the body naturally also cleanses later. Tip: This can be gently supported with alkaline applications.

It was interesting that very old sensations came up in the days that followed. But they felt different, as though they no longer belonged to me, somehow strange. Then those old thoughts and feelings became weaker and weaker. And in parallel I became stronger.

I also feel freer and more independent. I no longer allow myself to be blackmailed by feelings like a guilty conscience. Mothers tend to do this more often ... or we do this ourselves towards our mothers.

I now remain completely relaxed and even feel good in situations that I was afraid of (fear of death!)! I feel completely different!

A wonderful side effect is that I need less sleep and have a lot more energy. The first few days after the session I needed more sleep (body and soul worked a lot) and now I feel full of life and energy!

I really highly recommend these energy cards to anyone who wants to get ahead in their life.

Thank you very much for being there and for doing this for me, Saeed! I am a new person now.”

Anna about Saeed's Energy Cards

"The cards "vitality and strength for your body" clean everything physically and mentally. As one example, I clearly feeel no longer tired and exhausted, but suddenly have energy and motivation to start new things again.
I am able to concentrate on one task much longer and I am not as tired as before.
My wrinkles all over my body disappeared. Friends and acquaintances told me that I appear to be 15 years younger. So there's no need for botox ;-)
I have a natural feeling of thirst again and the desire to move more.
With Saeed's energy cards I feel mentally and physically as if I was just getting out of the bathtub as a newborn, completely cleaned. Like a fifteen-year-old girl.
I highly recommend booking Saeed's energy cards. Every cent is an unimaginable investment.
Thank you very much Saeed for your incredible help.

Pia about Saeed's Energy Cards

“I received the energetic cleaning program from Saeed for a fulfilled partnership. It’s really amazing. I have energetically accumulated loads of old partnerships over the years without realizing it. It is as if I got rid of kilos of ballast through Saeed's cleaning and can finally see clearly again. I look back on my own partnerships and break ups and understand what happened. All the years I was held up by the garbage from old partners and could no longer see my true feelings, passion and connection to my environment. I am very grateful that I can now look at myself without any grief, desire, anger or rejection. For the first time in my life, I have a sincere desire to be close to people and immediately recognize when someone is not doing me good.

Carina about Saeed's Energy Cards

These energy cards are a quantum leap in my personal development. I have known Saeed and its products for years and am an avid customer. His cards are an incredible support in my personal development. It's like finding my way back to my base every time I use them. Regardless of what I thought beforehand, through the cards I can clearly perceive myself and confidently see and approach the steps that have to be taken to start again. Up until now, I have always struggled with changes in my life - I was clearly aware that something had to change, but when I took really important steps I had to struggle with panic attacks or blockages or relapses. With Saeed's cards everything is different - I am very calm and clear and take the steps that are due.
It is such an incredible joy and enrichment that Saeed now also offers his energetic programmes in the form of stones and cards, as I can carry these individual programmes with me every day.
Thank you very much, Saeed.

Katharina about Saeed's Energy Cards

The energy cards are really wonderful. I ordered the Menstruation- and Free from Addictions-Programmes and they really work wonders. I can fully recommend it to all people who want to go forward or have a healthy body. I was not only pleased with the effect, but also with the packaging. Thank you for everything!

Love song about Saeed's Energy Cards

Since I've been using Saeed's energy cards, I've had the feeling that they are removing shell by shell, like an onion, lifeless shells / pods are being removed step by step and I can feel better, recognize more about myself or see things that I never saw before. Slowly more of who I really am is emerging.
Suddenly I see things that I have never seen before, although they have always been there or have been there for a long time - sometimes very material things but also inner things, connections that are suddenly clear.
I behave differently without having controlled it or consciously having planned it.
People react to me in a very friendly and warm manner, although they don't even know me.
Especially with the energy cards vital, beautiful and sexy cards, I have a lot of dreams that let me recognize a lot and what amazes me most is that I have less appetite!
I have always eaten without being hungry for various reasons and it seems that it is gradually getting less and less. Without stress, without fear, without having to dig into any old experiences.
I am very, very curious to see how this will continue ...
thank you very much, dearest Saeed, for your wonderful help, your effort and work that you put into helping and your love ♥♥♥

A about Saeed's Energy Cards

“Wonderful little helpers directly from heaven individually for EVERYONE of us - let's go 🌞

Conclusion: Great starters with a profound effect (bypassing the ego). Unique & individual. For short-term use several times a year (2-3x) - there is always something to clean up and to step into deeper layers.

The "start your new life" cards are, like everything from Saeed, with a lifelong effect and a sustainability label ✨

Saeed's blogs & messages are also helpful and interesting - I always like to read them and each time I have deeper insights and understanding.
I wish you a lot of joy while browsing through Saeeds products 😀🙋‍♀️

Below are further details about Saeed's “new beginning cards for you:
• make clearer & more peaceful
• take the burden (someone else's burden) off your shoulders & loosen blockages and ties
• Every morning I wake up newer & more real = more ME
• the eyes shine again (I know from my childhood)
• The entire energy body as well as the physical body harmonizes and corrects itself according to its own laws

Notes & Tips:
Here, too, as with the “Femininity” energy cards, it is a process - just let it go and let it happen. Thinking or pondering as little as possible, be focused on the new and positive and keep aligning it.
It may be that you sleep more = kind of recovery and healing sleep of change.
It is best to accompany yourself with before and after photos (face & whole stature / body) = is really exciting 😊

Personal: For me, the cards have made me really come closer, I can differentiate more clearly between myself and strangers, I am more orderly, consistently stand by myself and my feelings, a rain full of wonderful insights that still have an effect and automatically create the basis for a lot of new and more and more beautiful things in me & my life respective all areas.

My heart and soul hug you, Saeed. Again and again thank you, thank you, thank you 💖

PS For this price really a wonderful life gift for EACH of us straight from heaven - simply priceless for me.

Sandra about Saeed's Energy Cards

“I am very happy to take advantage of Saeed's new energetic work. I am incredibly surprised how immediately and persistently it affects me.

At first I felt lighter, freer and clearer.
As if a heavy coat, which I had been carrying with me, was taken off my shoulders.

Then I noticed that my thoughts became clearer, so that, for example, it was no longer complicated to make decisions.
It was as though a fog was cleared; suddenly I recognized things which I hadn't  seen before. This made it easier for me to find my way.
I also became more courageous, or rather the fear, e.g. of making mistakes became much smaller.

My relationships - for example to my parents - feel liberated, without the burden of a bad conscience or the sense of obligation to one another.
The great thing is: the love lasts and even becomes more beautiful, because it is now free of pressure and burden!

My feelings have also become much clearer, or rather, it is clearer which feelings actually are mine.
I was unhappy and even ashamed, because for decades there were thoughts and feelings which I thought were mine. Now they are suddenly gone - they were not mine at all, they did not belong to me at all.
If I now remember how I felt in some situations or contexts, it somehow feels neutral. I can perceive more clearly my real sentiments and the way I really am. I can feel my true self much clearer - That makes me very peaceful and happy inside.

There is so much to say. Every day I discover something new that has changed. I can only say that this work is simply priceless. I did not know that God offers us these opportunities. I still cannot understand it, it's a mercy - you cannot say it more clearly ....

Hermes about Saeed's Energy Cards

Effective for deep-seated blockages.
I often made new resolutions, every year. But so far I had never managed to implement what I wanted. These cards from Saeed, which you simply put on your skin, gave me the decisive energy boost to do my thing.

Simone about Saeed's Energy Cards

“My life suddenly takes a new course, as if Marry Poppins came into my life and showed me new side streets that I had never dared to enter before, although they had always been there.
My perception has become finer for tracking down negative beliefs that have stopped me so far. And this gives me permission to even separate from friends whom I previously believed would be good for me.
It is like an inner guidance and opens my natural flow.  I let myself be guided again and through this guidance step by step, new paths are leveled, which wake up my deeply buried desires. I perceive more and more in everyday life. I sometimes do not know what the next step could be. Then I just let go and allow myself internally to let the soul take the lead and miracles occur ...
Suddenly beliefs open up, which I have continuously repeated unconsciously, which steadily blocked me from deep within, which made me sad, almost depressed because I had forbidden myself to live.
These cards somehow made it possible to remove blockages that swirled inside me like a curse. As if there was suddenly a clear light around my aura that only lets light in.
Fears are one of the most common ways to keep us small. Unfortunately most people were raised with a lot of fears. Recognizing them and exposing them as illusion frees us.
After and during the 1st card I cried a lot and then I suddenly became tired and fell into bed like a lump of lead. I slept through almost 12 hours. It is recommended to take two days off afterwards.
After that I ran shakily through the landscape like a newborn stork.
There has been a significant change in most encounters. Even my father was very loving at times, I cannot quite trust that yet, since I am still exhausted after visiting my parents. But I definetly feel freer than usual.This coaching really enabled me to solve long lasted blockages and I can only recommend it if you are ready, because the willingness to really open up to this process is a prerequesite for it's success.
I would like to know how Saeed came to these skills.
Thanks SAEED.”

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Customer Reviews on Saeed's Necklaces and Bracelets

Tabea about Saeed's Necklaces

The necklace not only looks really nice, it also lets me see everything much better. I feel much clearer since I've been using it. It also helped me with strong stomach pain or headache that I have often have suffered from. You simply feel that Saeed has individually programmed the necklace for me. It's such a nice feeling 😊

Anna about Saeed's Bracelets

The bracelets are very beautiful and have a very strong effect on me. So I usually can't wear them for too long. When I wear a bracelet, I feel different. I also behave very differently. It's like I've been given the chance to experience myself for who I really am. Problems that I usually struggled with are now gone thanks to the bracelets. I have also been asked several times about the bracelets by friends and then told them about Saeed. At first they were skeptical, but when I gave them a copy as a present and they tried it, they were just as surprised and grateful as I was. Thank you Saeed for your work! PS: That's why I can recommend it to anyone who is just as enthusiastic about Saeed's work as I am to recommend it to loved ones or to give it away. In this way, Saeed can help and reach more and more people and more people can benefit from him.

Sonja about Saeed's Necklaces

I ordered this necklace for the first time and am speechless because of its positive effect. They are beautiful stones that welcomed me in a loving package. The stones have become like beloved friend to me. They build me up on a deep but very substantial level and I feel much stronger and more centered. I can see myself and my path more and more clearly and at the same time have deep confidence and strength. In addition to these incredible properties, the necklace is also visually very appealing. I wear it every day and it looks wonderful on all of my outfits. I have already received a lot of compliments. This necklace is a great pleasure both internally and externally.

Thank you very much, Saeed.

Tanja about Saeed's Necklaces

“The necklace has a particularly strong effect on me. I think it's particularly nice that Saeed charges each necklace individually and for the price. Most beautiful necklaces already cost so much, but with Saeed's necklaces, you also have the energetic programming additionally. I am also excited every time what kind of energy Saeed recommends for me. He has a very good sensitivity for what my soul needs right now. I find it remarkable and unique with what dedication Saeed does his work. For me he is also the only trustworthy person in this field. There are many self-proclaimed spiritual helpers / “esotericists on the market who sell something to make money. Saeed is and never was like that and I give him great credit for that. He loves every single one of his customers and gives them the best he can. Money doesn't matter to him. Thanks Saeed for your work.

Customer Reviews on Saeed's Healing Stones

Anja about Saeed's Healing Stones

Just by this beautiful name, I knew that I want to have such a stone. When I carry it with me, when I feel sad or lonely, I can feel that I have a little friend with me and that I am not alone. Thank you <3.”

Thorsten about Saeed's Healing Stones

I have severe sleep problems and have tried all sorts of remedies that unfortunately didn't work. But when I discovered Saeed's offer, I knew it was going to help me. It's really amazing, but now I sleep like a lock. I would never have thought that. Thank you very much!

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Matrix Publishing_Energie_Heilsteine

Customer Reviews on Saeed's Swedish Bitter

Eva about Saeed's Swedish Bitter

MANY THANKS! I have had very severe stomach cramps when I have my periods. If I then take a teaspoon of it and drink a lot of water, I feel better quickly.

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Matrix Publishing_Schwedenbitter