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“A great lecture by Saeed. I don't know anyone who can express the truth so directly and simply. A ruthless analysis of how things really are. Only suitable for people who want to wake up. If you want to stay in your old routine, you shouldn't join the event. His events are meant for seriously interested people, wanting to take control of their own lives.”


“Very warm and welcoming atmosphere, beautiful rooms, wonderful audience and above all: Saeed offers stirring information that is not only conveyed in words, but especially energetically. You have to be there and feel the mood, then the words also go where they belong: directly into the heart. Conclusion: You have to experience it yourself.”


“A beautiful, clear and honest lecture that pushes you far above the edge. So you can see the vastness of possibilities and that you are absolutely free and the only one who has power in your life. This lecture was encouraging!”


“Saeed is a thought leader of enormous dimensions that will have an incredibly far-reaching impact on humanity. In the sense that man is given the opportunity to recognize himself and create his life.”


“Excellent, unique, absolutely amazing. I go home as a different person. I enjoyed every minute. If your life doesn't change after such a seminar, I don't know either. I am very grateful that you, Saeed, give us the opportunity to share your knowledge and give us these incredible opportunities so that we can become rich and happy. I thank God for the grace to have been here.”


“Saeed is as great as always. He directly points out what is essential and upcoming. Questions that I was not even aware of are always answered during his events without me having asked them. With his sense of humor, he manages to release tension in serious situations so that the truth touches one from within.”


“As always, Saeed revealed the truth in a pictorial, very clear, understandable and simple way for everyone. His short lecture was very lively, funny and involved the participants. This time he also talked a lot about his own path. I appreciate this very much because one understands that he practises what he preaches. His lecture ended with the most important thing - He revealed the most important decision of everyone's life. If everyone only knew and could see what was waiting for them, it would change the world.”


“I took part in two of his seminars and I am amazed at how a new space opens up from deep within of my soul. His wisdom moves me deeply and creates a lot of insights. I appreciate Saeed's authenticity and warm-heartedness. Very rarely do I get lectures that are of pure origin. I had several times goosebumps-moments!


“Saeed seems very down to earth and shares his personal view of a person's spiritual development. His experiences are very helpful if you are willing to live your life instead of being ruled by others.”


“As always, it was an indescribable emotional experience. Hearing Saeed, especially seeing and hearing,  is always an intense experience. The subject of his sayings is always soul-spiritual  and changes immediately and instantly. Beyond the consciousness, he touches the feelings, so that you understand from within and not only in your 'head' -  who you are, what is important in life, and which ways you can go to lead a fullfilling and happy life. Saeed is open, honest, tells about his own experiences. One sees that he too has developed throughout his way. So it is possible! He is the real example of how one can change and thus also life can change. Oh yes, my first meeting with Saeed is an absolutely unforgettable moment: I knew then, it was 11 years ago, already after a few sentences and look into his eyes that he was telling the truth! Thank you beloved Saeed”


“As always an excellent lecture - thanks for that! What would we do without the angel. The truth is the only thing that heals us. I have never met someone who had more wisdom and through whom the truth conveys more than through Saeed. Thank you very much for all the encounters throughout the last years. And thanks for everything else, the room, the loving decoration - your warm-hearted welcome is beyond compare with anything else. It is and remains something unique to be here.”


“Up to this point again interesting, informative and exciting authentic, touching. I often find answers and also confirmation of feeelings and believes I have had for a very long time. My legs are shaking.”


“Very warm, insightful and uplifting words. I had very good insights again. Saeed explains very vividly with good examples, taken directly from life and enriched with his very special sense of humor, which makes me laugh and helps me to understand better. Many many thanks! Now it's time to put all this into action!”


“Saeed enables a different point of view, out of the “captivity” of society, and shows us the way to becoming free.”


“It is always a real pleasure to experience Saeed's insights and wisdom. I feel blessed to see Saeed constantly evolving. This helps and inspires me finding my way and progressing. I don't know any other being in this material world that always lights up in such a wonderful way. Thank you for being part of it all!”


“Very informative seminar. Lots of new knowledge. New methods have been developed on how to become crystal clear, rich and successful by simple means. Unprecedented approaches are also recited with a lot of humor.”


“Saeed is the best thing that has happened to me in this life. I learned to understand my life through his teachings. I no longer see myself as a victim of the circumstances. I just look at the situation - and learn from it. This leads to understanding, forgiveness and a change in my behavior, my emotions and believes. My dealing with the past progresses faster and everyday life becomes exciting and always richer and more beautiful. Karmalogy helps me to solve everyday's riddles. It is a great advantage for being prepared to what will happen next.”


“An unbelievable achievement how Saeed is able to lead a horde of individuals to themselves. Signals that expand one's world of consciousness and emotions cannot be understood with the mind, but they produce waves like a stone thrown into water. They have an immediate effect and often also gradually in a wave-like manner, but lastingly, as the consciousness changes. Many thanks!”


“Saeed's seminars are unique. I don't know anyone who conveys this knowledge in an objective, informative and humorous way. It's just about the truth. The point is that we understand and thus expand our consciousness and at the same time perceive our feelings again. That's what makes us happy. I can recommend it to everybody. It changed my life.”


“I particularly liked the combination of mental, spiritual and economic issues and principles. The questions at the beginning allowed the soul to open up and the spiritual impulses to work well. The fantastic information in the field of business and the mind is just awesome. Everything was logical and understandable for me.”


“The seminar today was very interesting. It encourages radical rethinking. However, you have to be willing to want to change yourself. The content goes very deep and touches the soul. Saeed is a wonderful person, honest, humorous and full of love. It's always nice to be in this loving group.”


“I am completely overwhelmed by Saeed's work. A combination of great insights, practically applicable in everyday life. The signals have had a valuable and undreamt-of effect. My vibration increased significantly for me perceivable. Thank you, dear Saeed, for your incredible, true work. I feel that this is the truth.”


“Through targeted questions at the beginning, we were brought into the right feeling to expand our knowledge from this position in order to come into a consciousness-expanding growth. I was able to see where I am now and have been given a way in which I can powerfully achieve my goals. Saeed passed the lecture on to us in a very structured way. I am totally excited to see what will happen to me in the next few days. I will become aware in my environment after this lecture, what I have done with myself so far. I thank you for that.”


“Very professionally and intelligently structured. The first part was awesome. Nevertheless, after the break, it still improved until the end. I had one realization after another. Saeed explained everything very pictorial and clearly. Understanding the context is like looking through the matrix. You have everything in your own hands. That was a real expansion of consciousness!
Thank you, Saeed!”


“In a very difficult time, in which fear and sadness keep seizing me and I seem to be losing faith in myself and my vision, this day was exactly at the right time. It goes on: with new strength, especially with trust in me and my life, my gift for this world!”


“Very rich, a hammer that really hit me like a lightning one after the another. Finally, no long blah blah, but with one sentence all truthfulness, concentrated real information. The day / seminar went by quickly and yet so fulfilled and lifted. Clearer, freer, more open and more myself.
Thank you Saeed.”


“Dear Saeed, it was great as always. Today the content was even more precise than usual. You touched my soul so strongly and despite clear information you speak in such a way that the mind does not come to the fore, but the soul is addressed, which of course you support with the signals.
Thank you very much”


“New insights that change consciousness. I have never looked at the subject of wealth like this. Completely new information on the professional aspect of making money and relating to money! Simply sensational! It is not just the conveyance of information and words, but an active being carried away and inner growth that continues to grow as a small plant during the seminar.”


Very clearly structured, dynamic and flexible = lively, funny, especially Saeed's acting. The education and active self-processing following the seminar and finally the signals are perfectly rounded and coordinated.

Thank you for being here, Saeed.

Thank you for your (Saeed's team) support.

Thank you for being there for all of us every day and every minute.


A very well organized event. Warmly welcomed by everyone, friendly and open, great location, lovingly decorated!

The lecture was very instructive, lots of information, very humorous!

Quickly to the point, plain text.

I felt very well. Thank you


Saeed empathizes with people, very sensitive, with a lot of human knowledge. One feels that he wants to help people, today women in particular, to free themselves from the old baggage of childhood. To experience him live, to receive his signals, is a gift. Thanks!


So unbelievable.

Information about femininity, feminism and equality that has never been heard before. There was so much to laugh about and so much to cry about. Saeed is a captivating, fascinating speaker who simply helps people and tells the truth in a very humorous way. I go home as a different person from this unbelievable experience, which is a perfect mixture between lecture, insights, knowledge transfer and profound changes and liberation from the negative through Saeed's unbelievable new method.


“As always, a wonderful, precious event! Dear Saeed, thank you very much for these priceless signals and your loving, humorous explanations. I feel liberated inside now. I can breathe again without worrying about what was, what is and what is to come. You are just great. THANK you and that I can experience all of this!”


“At the beginning it is a friendly, warm welcome. Man and woman feel that they are in good hands. Saeed brings everything to the point in a humorous and understandable way, shows you everything in simplicity, takes away the difficulty of getting into your inner being. Your signals are worth a lot, thank you for them and your valuable time


“A lot of beautiful insights, energy impulses and assistance help you to progress in your life. You can take away a lot of positive things. I always like to come to the events.

Big thanks to Saeed and his team.


As always, the seminar was something very special.

You said it nicely - the spirit was inspired and the soul was touched - no intellectual cannibalism, no spiritualistic hocus-pocus, but your open, honest, witty and ingenious way of leading us back. Your love is immeasurable. I can feel God's presence in what you do. You asked questions I have never asked myself before. I feel clearer, more conscious, my heart is open and joyful. Thank you, Saeed.


“Saeed is the most important person in my life. Meeting him changed my life fundamentally. He speaks the truth, is authentic and honest. At the same time he is very humorous and can make you laugh even on serious topics. He knows how to convey wisdom with clear examples. He is not just talking about knowledge. In fact, he has experienced all his sayings himself. He shares with us the truth of his own development. I thank him with all my heart.”


“Every single seminar of Saeed is unique. A wonderful experience. I can only recommend everyone to experience this. The signals have a very intense and strong effect. Saeed, you are great!”


“The event was a successful mixture of information, self-awareness and the opportunity to develop. In particular, the signals on the subject of femininity had an intense effect on me and stimulated or triggered deep-seated emotions.”


Saeed reports from his insights and offers wonderful perspectives on the topic of femininity. He puts the issues in a context so that one understands why he gives the signals that delete collective and individual beliefs and the individual feelings associated with them. The effect is very gentle and soft. Sometimes he jumps into other subject areas during his presentation. Exciting.


“He brings you back to life again and again. Of course there is no way to conjure up all problems at once. That is also not neccessary. But the “problems” are disappearing. They are getting smaller and smaller and the very intense signals give you the chance to start a completely new life. Your life. A life that one can only dream of and love and warmth as well as the truth find their place in life again and only that makes you happy. I can warmly recommend the seminars as well as lectures, books and especially the signals.”


I think you and your events are great, Saeed! You manage to make me laugh even on painful and difficult topics. I regain hope, confidence and courage that I can lead a better life. You give me methods and images that I can easily implement. Your signals support this process very strongly - I get detached from old programmes and have the opportunity to experience myself for who I really am. It is a great pleasure and help for you that you put so much effort into designing the room so wonderfully, that you prepare everything. Thank you very much for that.


“As soon as I enter the room, I feel welcomed and warmly received. Saeed was very present and had a very mind expanding manner that brought me to my issues / unredeemed feelings. I was able to open myself to him with confidence. My favorite thing was the aha effects. "Ah, that's where it comes from - that's how it is - now I understand what it's about." It takes me a lot further in my personal clean-up work. Thank you very much for that!”


Saeed is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This seminar also confirms this anew. Thanks! My life is getting better and more beautiful, I find myself more and more! And I can always understand me better and develop myself.

The seminars are profound, but also lively and fun. Saeed knows how to come into contact with his audience in his own special way, so that everyone has the feeling of being connected to him at all times.

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