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Customer Reviews on Saeed's Remote Animal Treatment

Customer Reviews on
Saeed 's Remote Treatment for Animals

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“I havent't yet met Saeed personally or attended any of his seminars. Through detours I found his homepage and heard about his signals on YouTube. One sentence stroke me: 'You will recognize them by their fruits'.
Since we have a faithful dog, named Lea, whose energy for life decreased and who was preparing to say goodbye, I had the deepest desire to give him the most valuable gift.
Namely as a thank you for my endless love in all our difficult years. During my chemotherapy she had taken over so much that she wanted to pass away to save my life.
In my prayers, I learned that the gift I was looking for to help Lea was Saeed's energy coaching program for the animals.
Since the cause (s) of a current state can often derive from the past, a brief description with incisive events was also helpful for Saeed:
Lea grew up in a dark cellar with other dogs and was kept as a birthing machine. We were severely traumatized for abuse. Every time her children were sold, her heart was broken countless times.
As Saeed writes, his energy coaching takes place only in alignment with the respective soul.
Saeed even interrupted his night's rest for Lea because her soul signaled him her willingness at that specific time. Through this action you see the high respect, that he has for the souls incarnating as our animals! After the coaching, Saeed immediately sent me a detailed report. His coaching caused like some backward development => as though a Zibebe (dried berries from the vine) would become the juice again. Maybe Lea was given something like a new life - a forward development (this kind of events are impossible to understand with our minds)
Already in the first week I could 'almost watch' how  her life energy, her zest for life and appetite increased every day.
Before the treatment, she gave an exaggerated twist almost every second step, and then often fell forward on the face, which broke my heart every time. That too suddenly disappeared. She now runs as before, complaint-free.
Her senses reappared. For example Lea wanted to go on toilet outside. She even signals me her willingness to go for a walk. She shows interest in life again, of course because her quality of life returned.
She is already beginning to jump and radiates joy of life again.
It is overwhelming to see Lea happy again. What a heavenly gift!
While the eyes of a dying person are often glassy, ​​she is now looking at me with increasing awareness.
It may sound incredible, but what I experience with Lea is real and true. It is as if she was rejuvenating or was actually given a new life.
My heartfelt wish was to thank Lea with Saeed's Energy Coaching for her indescribable love and tireless loyal support in all our difficult years.
I feel endless deep, all-overwhelming gratitude for the unimaginable, what happened through Saeed's energy coaching and is still in the process of change. I read in various books that Heaven sends us human-shaped angels.
The dedication with which Saeed devotes himself to his task for the good of our animals, which in my perception only happen through the grace of God, raise the question in me whether he could be one of these angels in human form !?
With indescribable gratitude, I wish Saeed the very best for all time for his blessed work.