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Customer Reviews on Saeed's Webinars and Livestreams

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Matrix Publishing_Kundenstimmen zu Saeeds Veranstaltungen
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Customer Reviews on
Saeed 's Webinars and Livestreams

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“Anyone who is not yet familiar with Saeed's work may find it difficult to imagine the love and joy with which he helps.

Saeed is completely honest and his goal is to make people happy, to lead them to themselves. You just feel it when you look at him and listen to him.

I met Saeed many years ago and felt it immediately, after just a few sentences I knew that he was speaking the truth and it didn't matter whether it was convenient or not ... most of the time the truth is not particularly convenient, but it always is infinitely beneficial.

Today's webinar "How to Start Your New Life" was very much alive because Saeed feels the people and what they need - even when you are not sitting across from him in a room. Because it was an interactive exchange - Saeed asked us specific questions which always address the heart, not the mind - it had a great learning effect and at the same time it was a spiritual expansion. I felt personally addressed and touched, after a seminar (or webinar) with Saeed you are always a bit of a new person, you always have a warm feeling and happiness in your heart.


If you finally want to feel and get closer to yourself again, and want to be happy again, I recommend that you make use of Saeed's work.


When I discovered Saeed and his seminars a long time ago, I felt that he is good and full of light. Not only accepting yourself and your own life, but also catching up on the learning lessons it contains, was and is often hard work.


The inner happiness and inner freedom that arise in this way make life beautiful for me and the people around me. More and more I find myself and enjoy life - also in the areas of my life that I had previously rejected.


Saeed and his seminars are the best that has happened to me in this life.


“Saeed's webinar was very interesting and helpful, like everything that Saeed conveys and gives us. The information and advice is always worth the money and it is a loss to anyone not to watch these webinars. I'm already looking forward to the next webinars.


I found the webinar very good because I was able to empathize much better than when I was in a seminar on site. This is because I am usually very tense inside with other people and I did not have this in front of the PC.

In this way I was more able than usual to open up and feel.


I was able to focus much better on myself and on the webinar.


I perceived the signals very strongly and I felt very emotional during the webinar and later.


I still don't quite understand whether it comes from the signals you gave us that evening, but since then it's like when I wake up and

first of all I realize how much I have disenfranchised myself in my life and have endured all sorts of things.

Since then, I've also been much braver and I am standing up for myself more often.

I just act and don't think about things that long.

So many insights come to me that are so clear that I wonder how it can be that I sometimes haven't seen such a clear thing for years.

I feel like I am myself again.

I just found it not so good that it was a lot in such a short time.

I might have split it up over several webinars so that we would have had more time for the individual questions. I just notice

if you send the signals that I am deeper in myself and that this time is very valuable to answer the questions conscientiously.

You often don't get that in depth on your own, so these times are very precious to me.


Otherwise I found it a very nice experience with you and the other participants.


Thank you for the webinar and I would be very happy if you keep doing it. :-)


I was connected, albeit 40 minutes later than the beginning.

Somehow miscalculated, like often in my life.

But the remaining 1 hour and 30 minutes were still valuable.

Without a way to ask questions, something important is missing.

The time to do certain exercises and write things down was too short.

Nevertheless, I was very happy and it helped a lot.

I will definitely be back in April. God willing.

Until next time.

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