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Saeed informs you in his monthly karmalogical prognoses about the hidden and secret radiation from the planets. hey affect our personality, decisions, feelings and actions. Saeed's predictions will help you make the best decisions and make your life happier, more successful and more beautiful.

Saeed is the founder of karmalogy as a form of astrology.

The wisdom of his karmalogical prognoses, the deep insights and powerful signals delight hundreds of customers every month.

The forecasts are by now only available in German.

Saeed's karmalogy forecasts offers you:


  1. The most accurate analysis of the energies and forces of the coming month

  2. A day-to-day forecast of the most important energies

  3. Stunning explanations of the background and connections of upcoming forces and events

  4. A sound astrological explanation

  5. The perfect preparation for you and your decisions

  6. Funny inserts

  7. Deep insights

  8. Powerful energy signals that support you on your way, with your plans, goals and projects

Info video (GERMAN)

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You can find the forecasts for the past few months here:

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