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On an icy winter day, just before sunrise,
Saeed Habibzadeh saw the light of day.
The following years of his life were characterised by coldness, darkness and sad experiences. But his heart was always beating for love and light.
Thus his destiny brought him in early years to Germany, the country of his heart.
Here he developed the willingness to fulfil his inner mission.

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Saeed informs you in his monthly forecasts about the hidden and secret radiation from the planets. They affect our personality, decisions, feelings and actions. Saeed's predictions will help you make the best decisions and make your life happier, more successful and more beautiful.

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Here you can find testimonials from people who have come into contact with Saeed's work. His customers report how his work has affected them and what consequences that had on their lives.

This video shows a short excerpt from the reports of customers who visited Saeed's events. They tell you about their experiences with Saeed's Matrix Clean programmes, books and personal encounters at his events.

Saeed's extraordinary abilities repeatedly cause the expansion of consciousness and purification of the heart.
In this way he gives his visitors peace for their hearts and wisdom for their consciousness!


Saeed Habibzadeh - Energy Cards
Saeed Habibzadeh Beyond Matrix - Bücher, E-Books, Hörbücher
Saeed Habibzadeh Beyond Matrix - Bücher, E-Books, Hörbücher
Saeed Habibzadeh Beyond Matrix - Bücher, E-Books, Hörbücher
Saeed Habibzadeh Beyond Matrix - Veranstaltungen


Saeed is pleased about every contact and will
answer it personally.

Suggestions, ideas, proposals and exchange of ideas are always welcome

Saeed Habibzadeh

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