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Saeed´s karmalogy differs strongly from standard astrology in many respects.

Standard astrology is claiming that we are dominated by the planets, which are determining our fate. In contrast karmalogy states that we are the masters of the planets, we can determine our fate and shape our lives. The basic idea of karmalogy is to return home to the kingdom of God, which is our original home. Our journey in this world is a temporary school with plenty of spiritual lessons.

Everything we do, think, feel, want, experience and omit will be saved in our body and in our soul. Depending on what we do and which aspects are concerned, these contents will also be saved in the planets of our solar system. At certain periods of time these contents will fall back on us. If we have done good, we will experience good consequences. If we have done bad, we will experience bad consequences. By this means our so-called fate evolves.

Karma is the sum of all negative attributes,
unaccomplished tasks and unsettled spiritual bills!

We all arrive with a life plan on earth, which is required for an entry permit to the material world. This life plan contains all our positive and negative attributes which have been saved in our soul, as well as all our lessons yet to come. Furthermore all our tasks are saved in our soul and our life plan. These are tasks which we have to accomplish for ourselves and for the world.

Additionally all information of our previous incarnations is saved in our soul and our life plan.

All these pieces of information constitute important elements of karmalogy.

By means of karmalogy we are able to recognize the following information in a horoscope:

  • Previous incarnations (spiritual lessons and experiences)
  • Current lessons to be learnt
  • Life tasks
  • Occupation and vocation
  • Positive and negative attributes which are saved in our soul and in the planets
  • The exact moments when and which forces are going to be active and their intentions.
  • The meaning of past experiences and their background information and correlations.
  • The mental and spiritual causes of diseases
  • The mental and spiritual causes of strokes of fate.
  • The personal path to success and wealth.
  • The path to self-realization
  • The right partner for us and how we become the right partner
  • Why we have incarnated in our particular family and why our family has chosen us.
  • Why we are called by a certain name.
  • And a lot more…!

Blessed are the ones who are willing to learn,
for they learn voluntarily,
before fate is forcing them to.

Saeed and his friends produce current karmalogical forecasts at regular intervals. The forecasts are released on  our Karmalogy channel on Youtube, feel free to subscribe. Subscribers will be noticed about new videos via e-mail.

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Saeed about his karmalogy

“If we know in advance, at what period of time which forces are going to be active and which intentions they have, we can learn their lessons in advance, so that fate will not turn into misfortune.”

“People think that economy is an economic issue – I don´t think that, in my opinion economy is a spiritual issue as well…”

Those are two statements from a short introduction to karmalogy, which Saeed presented in a karmalogy event.

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