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Film Recommendations

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Saeed is passionate about movies. He loves good films with a profound message that make us think or touch our heart. That is why he has published a list of films which he considers highly recommendable.

Saeed has the extraordinary ability to convey the deep content of the visual language of films through comments during the movie. As a result, these films are touching us much more and we are able to transfer their message to our own lives and to grow spiritually. He plans to comment these films one after the other and publish them on his YouTube channel so that as many people as possible can benefit from the spiritual content of these films.

Messages from Christ

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Saeed's messages of Christ are the helping hand of Christ that enable us to understand the true meaning of events and help us to make better use of them.

They are received by Saeed and translated into our language. These messages are available for spring, Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.

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Messages from Christ - Spring

My name is Jesus Christ. I am the redeemer. I am the way, the truth and the life.
It’s spring,
It is time for a new beginning,
This means, the old and the outdated shall be overcome.

And what is the old or the outdated?
These are things inside you that do not allow a renewal in your life. These can be old thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions or longings, etc. These will take the God-given freedom away from you by forcing you to do the same again and again, without really wanting to do it.

Freedom is the result of truth and truthfulness. However, dependence is the consequence of self-deception and dishonesty.
Only the truth is an everlasting renewal.
There is no renewal without the truth!

And what is renewal for you?
Renewal is: to reflect on the divine in ourselves. That means you try more and more frequently to behave like a child of God, to act and react like a child of God.


The renewal also means:
it’s time to believe in yourself,
it’s time to trust yourself,
it’s time to courageously and vigorously start a new beginning.

This means: you look at your own heart.

Don’t let yourself be misled, discouraged or even stopped,
not even from your defeats,
for your defeats are an evidence and proof that you are fighting and progressing!

Every time you fall, you shall call for me,
and in the next moment I will give you a hand,
then you will find it easier to turn the defeat into a victory.

There is no reason for grief, resignation, distrust and stagnation,
for you are not alone, at no time!

Don’t forget: the greater your hardship,
the more I am with you!
That means for you:
when you are in need, you shall take my helping hand.
You and I together, we can solve any problem,
overcome every obstacle and cure every disease,
for there is no incurable or insoluble for me,


I am the answer to all problems,
I am the cure for all diseases and
I am the rescue for all needs / emergencies.

I ask you to start a new year with me.

And remember, I can only help you if you ask me to.

Your problems come from your ego and
the answers come from your heart, where I live,
therefore you can find answers much better with your heart than with your mind.

So start living from the heart, that is:
to give, to think, to feel, to speak, to want, to do and to let go from the heart.

The more cordial you get,
the better you can communicate with me and receive from me.

Where human aspects have a lesser impact

you can perceive me better: in nature.

There you can receive what you lack,
if you are open to me.

No matter what happens: I do not forget you,
I know before you when you get in trouble
and I am with you before you get hit by your fate.

I will not let you down,
I am with you and I stay with you,
today, tomorrow and every day!

God be with you

Messages from Christ - Easter

I have already given to you everything you seem to lack; so you carry it inside you, you just have to use it.

What is given by me, does not get into your head or mind, but into your heart. You receive my inputs and objections in your heart. If you want to hear me, you should perceive me in your heart by feelings and sensations. If you want to find me, you should give up the false gods. These are false models, prophets, leaders, and the like, who want to blur your senses and separate you from me. If you are looking for me sincerely, do not seek me outside of you or with your mind and intellect, but find me in your own heart. There I’m longingly waiting for you!

If you take my hand there, we become so strong, you and I, that we solve and overcome all your worries, fears, diseases and problems.
For where you and I are one, there is no more grief, fear, worries, diseases and strokes of fate!

Don’t give up the search for me, because even during the search I will accompany you. Endure, hope and believe!

I never gave you up and I will never give you up!
Then please don’t give me up, either. This is my request.
Don’t be intimidated or discouraged.

Be patient, full of hope and unshakeable faith.
I’m here for you.
Today, tomorrow and every day.


Messages from Christ - Pentecost

Dear brothers and sisters,

Many of you are asking yourself again and again: Why can’t I hear and see God?
Why can’t I communicate with him and understand him?
Why do I always have the same problems, illnesses, strokes of fate, and the like? Why can’t I get the information I need?
Why don’t I recognize the answers to my problems?

Some ask themselves whether there is a God at all and whether one can prove his existence?
How is the experience of coming closer to God, of hearing and seeing him? How does it begin?

I will answer these questions using the following example:

If someone is standing right next to you, talking to you, you can hear and understand every word he says. If he is a few steps away, you hear him weaker, although his voice has not weakened. If he stands even further away, you can hear him even weaker, and you cannot or you can hardly understand the context, although his voice has not become weaker. It is the same with God! The further a person moves away from him, the weaker he can hear him and the lesser he can understand the contexts.

God has not moved away from you, you have moved away from him.

God is the best friend ever.
If you want to see, hear and communicate with him, then come closer to him.

How do you get closer to God?

By two steps:

Step 1: Refrain from doing the wrong, the bad and the evil.
Step 2: Do the good, the true, and the divine.


Step 1:

In the ten commandments the Almighty has given directions as to what people should refrain from doing, if they want to be happy. The commandments of God are offers from the eternal law. God doesn’t forbid anything, he doesn’t command anything and he doesn’t punish. The Ten Commandments are a small excerpt from the eternal law, to serve people as a guidance and directions.

For example: take only that, which belongs to you, or do not take away anything from others (thou shalt not steal)
or: only tell the truth and the truthful (Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor)

By these commandments, people shall recognize their wrong behavior and gradually overcome it.

Make a list of all the things you do wrong during the day. Write down everything you do, that God would never do. In the second step, put the biggest problems and troubles on the top of the list. In the third step you should start with the smallest problem at the bottom of your list. These are the problems which are easy to solve, e.g. cleaning the desk. Or in the morning, when you ask yourself what to wear, you should make a decision and stand by it. This means you stop having doubts about yourself. Or check the places where you sleep and eat, whether they are suitable to receive energy. That way you will have smaller senses of achievement that build up your self-confidence. This will make your will stronger and stronger. People with a strong will cannot be easily manipulated and misled.

To refrain from doing the wrong, you have to recognize it first. The wrong is everything that costs you energy, but makes no sense. These are things that make you unhappy, lonely, and sick.


Step 2:

Doing the good means to do what God would do. The good builds you up, gives you strength, makes you healthy, rich and happy.

A wanderer on his way to God should ask himself at every decision, how God would act or react. Would God act the same way? A sincere wanderer of the truth does not compare himself with other people, but only with God, for only God is the measure of all things and not the people. So he is oriented towards God and not towards people.

Everybody owes himself the proof of the existence of God. Nobody can prove to others that God exists, but everyone can experience him. The experience is not transferable, everyone has to make the effort himself to find God.

A true wanderer of the truth is not searching for God, but gradually complies with his commandments and with the Sermon on the Mount. By refraining from doing the wrong and by activating the good inside himself and in his life, he automatically gets closer to God and can hear, see, and understand him better.

If people gradually refrain from doing the wrong, and doing the good instead, feelings will rise in them, which they are not aware of. Over time, these feelings turn into premonitions, which become more and more apparent. The premonitions then turn into perceptions, which people cannot explain. These perceptions are not dependent on space and time.

The result is, that people are perceiving things more and more directly and that less and less remains hidden from them. Their body becomes stronger, the discomfort and pain are easing and the mind gives way.


God asks you to keep a clear and common sense. It is a coordinative instrument.

The truth answers each question long before it arises. Dreams become livelier, more vivid, people don’t forget them as easily. God also speaks to sleeping people via the soul in the form of images and feelings in their dreams.

The wanderer on the way to God learns all he can bear.

Please be aware that every beginning is difficult. When people start to arrange their chaos, they become aware of how chaotic and messy their life is. When they pay attention to their problems, they will be much more apparent than before. To people, problems mistakenly appear to be insuperable. Rest assured that the Almighty will not leave anyone alone, especially those who are willing to do his commandments, and who make an effort to comply with them.

If you take even a small step towards me, I will take several steps towards you to welcome you joyfully and longingly.

See you soon!

Jesus the Christ

Your brother

Messages from Christ - Christmas

My name is Jesus Christ. I am the savior: I am the way, the truth and the life.

A long time ago the darkness has used this earth as a base to keep the children of God, you, my sisters and brothers, imprisoned. This captivity was to deprive you of your vitality and lead you astray, so that you could no longer recognize your true nature of being the children of God. This captivity consisted of tying you to the earth and bringing you back to earth again and again by the apparent death and the apparent rebirth in order to keep you forever in this circle of reincarnation.

When I was asked two thousand years ago, what the “good news” were, which I wanted to announce, I said: “your captivity is completed”. For you lived in the darkness and before my act of salvation had no possibility to find your way back to our heavenly father. I brought the light into the darkness and spoke to you: “I am the light of the world”. I left a trace of light from the dark earth to the bright heaven, therefore I am the way, follow me. I lived and live the truth, for I complied and comply with the law of our Father, thus I am the truth. I bring you the light, the divine consciousness, the kingdom of God, which exists within each one of you. This is the true life, the inner life. When I had to leave you on the cross, I gave each one of you a spark of my light, so that you can find your way to me. For this is not the true life. The true life is eternal and free of pain, illness, poverty and misery. Thus I am the life. I turned this prison called earth into a school and I set you free with my act of salvation on the cross. Whoever finds his way to me, finds his way to life, for I am the way, the truth and the life.

My sisters and brothers, there are many who use my name to achieve their own selfish goals. In order to pray to God you don’t need to go into any house, for you are the house of God. Your body is the temple of God, where God dwells, who wants to guide you back to your heavenly home, where all is light and love.

Those who frighten you, are not doing the work of our Father. When they scare you that God would punish you if you did or did not do this and that, then be sure that God never punishes! He is the primary source of love and light. He loves you so endlessly that he opens the door for you again and again when you knock on his door. He says correspondingly: “Whoever seeks me, will find me inside himself, for I am within each one of my children. If you want to be with me and be close to me, you will find me inside yourself, for I am closer to you than your transient arms and legs.”

The darkness has taken away your self-confidence and the faith in yourself and your heavenly Father. Thereby it obtains a certain kind of disorientation in your consciousness. People without orientation are much easier to control and to be taken advantage of. Start to believe in yourself. Start to believe in the good in yourself. For you, my brother, are the son God, and you, my sister, are the daughter of God. You are all willed, looked at and begotten out of love. Start to feel rich and strong. Set your life free from external forces by releasing your heart from bad intentions. Surrender to the guidance of God and give your spirit into his hands, so that he can give you his light. Take care of your feelings, thoughts, words, actions and wishes. For what you feel, think, speak, do and wish, is what you will get back again. What you send, is what you will get back. Who reaches for the sword, will perish by the sword. Think of what is done to the animals so that people can eat their mortal flesh. The meat of the animals is dead matter and brings decay, suffering, illness and death to the human body. It is advisable not to consume the dead food, respectively to eat less and less of it. It is good to carry out this change in small steps, so that your body does not suffer from it and has enough time to adjust to the divine food of fruit, vegetables and plants. For the fifth commandment of our Father says: “Thou shalt not kill”. God has no joy in offerings or in …..? (Hier fehlt das deutsche Wort im Text!)

If you want heavenly peace and if you want to be in the house of our Father, calm down the human characteristics, awaken the divine characteristics inside you, and be peaceful to your neighbor. For they are your and my brothers and sisters. Only with peace in your heart you will find peace with your neighbors and after next neighbors. Your after next neighbors are the animals and kingdoms of nature. Whoever wants to honor God must treat all of his creatures with respect, esteem, tenderness and love.

My dear sister, my dear brother, self-proclaimed masters, self-proclaimed prophets and gods repeatedly expect thoughtless obedience from you; they demand offerings from you. The true, all-one God does not demand offerings, he does not need any proof for your love, for he is almighty, omniscient and omnipresent. He knows that you love him, therefore he does not need any proof. Those who demand proof from you, unconsciously reveal the limitations of their own perception. God’s perception and love is unlimited. He loves you so much, that he does not refrain from doing everything to free you from the darkness.

My dear sister, my dear brother, I have given my life for you. I was put in chains, I was pulled through the streets with my hands and legs tied and I was beaten, spit at and stoned by pedestrians and rulers. I was pulled through streets and alleys, bleeding and brought to the hill of Golgotha. Even on the way, when I was falling down under the weight of the cross, weakened by blows and bleedings all over my body, and even when they were driving nails into my hands and feet, I have not stopped for a single moment to think of you and to love you. When I was nailed to the cross, covered in blood, I said: „Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.“ Some time later, when I was dying, I said: „It is finished!“ With this word I gave each of you the divine spark, which shall serve you as a compass to find your way back to me. With this I have finished your captivity and set you free from the darkness. This was my act of salvation, with which I turned the earth from a prison into a school and a purification place. I rejoice every time if one of you takes a single step towards the truth. I rush several steps towards each of you who takes even a very small step towards me. Whoever builds on me is a wise man. I will stand by the side of anyone, who trusts in me. Where people gather in my name and on my behalf, there am I in the midst of them.

My dear sister, my dear brother, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t worry about what to eat and what to wear. Please take a look at the tiny inconspicuous plants and flowers. Everybody walks past them. No one pays attention to these plants and flowers. Nobody cares about them. They have neither bank accounts nor work. They cannot even move around to search for food like the other beings. And yet God feeds them. He gives them enough light, water, soil and air. If God does not even forget these plants and flowers, and takes care of them every second, how much more does he take care of his children?

When you become silent inside yourself, you will hear God’s voice in your heart and perceive his presence. He tells you: „You are my child and I will not leave you alone for a second. Be peaceful, my child, so that you become peaceful with your brothers and sisters, so that all of you will find the way back to your true home: to the kingdom of your Father.“ That is why I kept saying deep from the heart: „You, who are blessed by my Father, come and inherit the kingdom of God which has been prepared for you since the creation of the world.“

Every time you get in trouble, I stand right next to you. In this way I prevent a misfortune many times per second, worldwide. I intervene and help my sisters and brothers each time a misfortune may be prevented at the last moment. I save you from illness, misfortune and poverty, wherever it is possible and wherever it is good for your development. Again and again I send you enlightening thoughts and loving impulses, I try to encourage you every day so that you do not resign and that you try to free yourself from the inner darkness in your hearts.

Whoever wants to have the good must free himself from the evil and be good inside his heart. The brighter you become, the more light you can give to other hearts. There is a lack of light throughout the earthly world, especially in the hearts of the people.

My dear sister, my dear brother, look into the wide world and see how much light and love people need. There are shelterless, parentless, homeless, destitute, hopeless and resigned people everywhere. Many of them look good and young optically, yet internally they are lonesome and old. Many of them are isolated in retirement homes, orphanages and hospitals. Many of them wish to be healthy or to be just one day without pain. Many of them just want a bit of bread so they can survive. And many of them wish to be dead because there is nothing beautiful left in their lives.

Would you like to give them light and hope? Would you like to give these people, who are your brothers and sisters, joy, hope and love? Would you like to help making everything more beautiful, peaceful and happy?
You can do it!

You can pass them the light which you have received from me and which you receive once again every second. Give them light by feeling good, thinking good, saying good, doing good, and wishing good.

If you want to experience the miracle of God, then be the miracle yourself. For you are the child of God, who, in accordance with his image, is willed, loved, and begotten by him. You are the best, the most beautiful and the most perfect being of God. Start to believe in yourself. Then you will recognize the divine miracle inside yourself. Then you will be an example for others. For most people believe in stars and idols who they do not even know personally. They believe in others because they have lost the faith in themselves. They are looking for the good, the exceptional and the divine out there, although they carry the highest within themselves. Start to believe in yourself, start to believe in the good and the divine in yourself, be an example to others, and show them what it means to believe in yourself. For the kingdom of God is given to you. You alone decide how much you want to have of it.

My dear brothers and sisters, Christmas is not just a celebration at which people give each other presents, but at which God is giving us exceptionally plentiful gifts. For all that is good comes from God. Christmas are the days and nights when the souls of the people are immersed in the holy spirit of my Father, so that they can once again find the possibility of salvation and enlightenment.

Therefore I ask you not just to give each other material and earthly treasures, and not just for Christmas, but to give each other heavenly treasures like light, love, understanding and mercy, every day. For what is the value of something that can be stolen from us? Do not strive for earthly treasures, for they are transient and provide satisfaction only for a short time. The heavenly treasures however, are imperishable and provide an everlasting and eternal fulfillment. Love each other, like I loved you, when I was crucified for you. Be there for each other and help each other wherever possible.

Be there for anyone who asks you for help, regardless of whether you know him or not. Start to believe in the good in other people, too.

Forgive those who do you evil, love your enemies, for there are no enemies. We are all brothers and sisters and belong to a single family, regardless of age, skin color, race, nationality and other terrestrial affiliations.

My name is Jesus Christ, I am the firstborn son of our Father. I am the light of the world, I am the Savior. Whoever wants to come to heaven, to the house of our Father, must purify his heart and free himself from evil. If you want, take your right hand and place it on your heart, close your eyes and listen to your heart. It is the life, the inner life, the yearning for God that beats in your heart. I am also in your heart. Your longing for perfection, fulfillment, harmony and love comes from your heart because I am in your heart. This is the true life, the inner life, this is the truth and the way.

If you confide in me, I take you by the hand on the way to the truth, to life. Take my hand, for I am the Savior, I am the way, the truth and the life.

your brother
Jesus the Christ