Matrix Clean Programmes

The matrix is ​​a gigantic network of systems and patterns that enslaves us and steals our energy. These systems and patterns limit our independence, freedom and independence every day and determine our individual decisions to such an extent that we are no longer able to make the decisions that make us happy, successful and rich.


Beyond Matrix includes all of Saeed Habibzadeh's activities. His goal is to help all people to free themselves from the matrix. The personal requirement is the serious willingness to change yourself and your life. We all have the God-given right to determine our own life.


"Happiness, health and wealth are some of the rewards for those

who look behind the matrix. "

(Saeed Habibzadeh)


Saeed's activities help to free us from the labyrinth of the matrix and to realize our right to a beautiful, happy and rich life.



The new Matrix Clean Programs with countless extensions are in the preparation phase and will be published here soon.


Let yourself be surprised!

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