Saeed the painter

To Saeed, more important than technique, motives and colors are the feelings that can be given and received by art.

Where words keep silent,
sounds are singing
and colors are dancing
colorfully and happy

Triumph der Liebe über das Ego - Gemälde

Cover picture of
‚Triumph of love over ego‘

Everything started when Saeed was looking for a suitable cover picture for his first book “Triumph of Love over Ego”. Wherever he was looking for, he couldn´t find a suitable picture. He perceived inner images for his books which he wanted to express, but he didn´t have any prior knowledge or experience with painting. The picture on the front page of his first book belongs to his first steps in oil painting. Saeed has thousands of images in his soul which he yet wants to express.

Rejoice with him, the time has come for spiritual paintings!

In this YouTube video you can find some of Saeed´s paintings. They are acoustically accompanied by the first movement of the moonlight sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven played by Saeed.

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