A collection of quotations illustrated with beautiful drawings

These quotations of love are like droplets of light falling on thirsty hearts, giving light, clarity, and hope. Light is raining down!

Imparting insights and connections in a clear and concise manner is one of my most important tasks. While looking for explanations, definitions and terminology to better describe these interrelations and intending to condense the spiritual content into a short sentence, I encapsulated these ideas into brief, quotable sayings. Time and again I noticed that these quotations have the ability to lift the spirit and touch the soul. This gave me the idea of collating them into themed collections. There are now more than twenty of these collections and I shall publish them in time, this book being the first in the series.

I would like to ask you, dear reader, to take your time with these quotations and approach them with an open heart. They may need a little while to achieve their full impact and it would be good if you would give them - and yourself - the opportunity to do so. This will enable us to allow wisdom to infuse our spirit, our soul, our mind and even our body. If we absorb wisdom at mind level only, our heart will remain untouched, and although we will be able to understand the truth, it will remain imprisoned in our mind without being able to reach our consciousness. True expansion of consciousness only occurs when truth unfolds in our consciousness and is realized in our actions. There is an immediate and direct connection between heart and consciousness, and this is why it is recommended that these quotations be taken into our heart.

The purpose of this book is to transfer God's wisdom into the hearts of men by way of very short sentences. When we perceive with the heart instead of the mind, we are able to recognize the truth much easier, faster and more assuredly.

I wish you a clear mind (free from dark thoughts), an open heart (without fear of truth) and lots of light.

Open your heart and light will fall on you as gentle rain!


E-Book: Essence of Constancy - Quotations of Love (English) (EPUB)

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