Our friends from nature give us a lot of joy, they accompany us loyally and stand by us in difficult situations. Therefore we should treat them with love, attention, care and benevolence. For this reason, Saeed would like to help all of our friends from nature. Whether cats or dogs, small animals, horses or exotic animals, they all deserve our unconditional love and help. Saeed believes that animals are full of love and purity by nature. However, in the encounter with us humans and our world, they adopt human programmes that leads to misconduct, violence and illnesses.


We are very happy to announce that Saeed offers his energy programmes to our friends from nature as well.

Any programmes that have been adopted will be deleted, resolved, and the natural energetic configuration will be restored. This will make animals calmer, more relaxed, happier and healthier.


Possible problematic situations can be:

  • The animal is too restless
  • It is aggressive
  • It is lethargic and joyless
  • It is weak and prone to diseases
  • The animal has health problems that do not disappear despite treatment
  • Wounds don't heal
  • It shows behavioural disorders



  • You take a few photos and a brief description of the animal's problems or complaints.
  • You purchase the energy programme (above).
  • After we receive your payment, Saeed will contact you by email to get your description and photos.
  • After receiving this information, Saeed chooses the best moment (usually in the evening or night) to carry out the corrections.
  • You will then receive an email from Saeed informing you that the sessions have taken place.
  • Since unpredictable aspects can have a significant impact on the behaviour of the animals, no guarantee can be given for the intended results or the duration of the effects.
  • Saeed's energy programmes only serve to correct the energetic composition and do not promise healing. No diagnoses are made, and no medical treatments of any kind are carried out. This programme does not replace a visit to a veterinary surgeon or practitioner and is not a substitute for medical or naturopathic diagnoses or treatments! In case your animal encounters health issues, Saeed strongly recommends consulting appropriately trained specialists such as veterinary surgeons and practitioners.
  • We are always grateful if you describe your experience with Saeed’s programmes in a review, in order to inform and encourage future customers. We will publish it without your personal data. Thank you very much.

Energy programmes for our friends and loving companions from nature