A quote book with numerous loving illustrations

The quotes of wisdom fall like drops of light on thirsty hearts and give them light, clarity and hope.
It's raining light!

It is one of my most important tasks to convey knowledge and relationships clearly and distinctly. In the search for explanations, definitions and terms with the help of which I tried to better explain the context, I kept quoting. My intention was to condense the spiritual content into a short sentence. I've noticed time and time again. that my quotes both inspire the mind and touch the soul. This gave me the idea to summarize the quotes thematically. There are now over 20 topics that I will gradually publish. This book is the first in this series.

I would like to ask you, dear reader, to read these quotes with an open heart and calmly. They need a certain amount of time to be effective. It would be nice if you gave them and yourself the chance. This makes it possible to allow the irradiation of wisdom on the spirit, soul, mind and even on the body. If we only receive wisdom with the mind, the heart will not be affected. This makes us understand the truth, but it remains trapped in our minds and does not reach our consciousness. True expansion of consciousness only takes place when the truth unfolds in our consciousness and is realized in our behavior. There is an immediate and direct connection between the heart and the consciousness, so it is advisable to take these quotes in the heart.

The purpose of this book is to bring wisdom in very short sentences from the heart of God into human hearts. If we perceive with the heart, we can know the truth much easier, faster and more surely than with the mind.

I wish you a clear mind (free of dark thoughts), an open heart (without fear of the truth) and lots of light.

Open your heart and it will rain light.


E-Book: Essence of Persistence - Quotes of Love (German) (EPUB)

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