Part 2 of the story book Moments of Infinity - Sunrise

A total of 5 stories based on real events

Part 2: the carousel

A love story based on a true story in the air and by the stars.

Saeed tells the story of an unrealizable love he experienced as a child. The story happened on a beautiful summer day when a children's carousel came into the alley and the children gathered around it. Saeed's love is also there. What Saeed doesn't know is that he doesn't have the money to be there!

From moments of infinity:

There are always moments in life that shape us for the rest of our lives. These can be beautiful, ugly, insightful and profound experiences that we can never forget. I call such experiences “moments of infinity”.

I am firmly convinced that such experiences in childhood form our personality the most and thus help determine our fate. It is all the more sad for me that most of us forget, suppress or label them as unimportant in the course of growing up. But the important experiences are those inexplicable magical moments in which we can touch and feel infinity and eternity. A very important skill that unfortunately is forgotten in the course of life due to modern everyday life.

This is the first volume in a large series that I call "Moments of Infinity". I started with early childhood experiences and will try to publish my experiences and experiences as chronologically as they happened. This is not absolutely necessary as every story has an independent and lively genesis and message.

My intention is to remind readers of their own moments of infinity by telling my beautiful, ugly, profound and above all magical moments from my life. I would like to remind you that we are loving, gentle and light children of God who do not enjoy destruction, violence, power and separation. We are divine beings who have infinite, selfless love within.

If we live this love, we will have a world in which there are only happy and laughing children. Regardless of whether they are 2, 30, 50 or 90 years old. Because no matter how old we get, we remain adventurous, playful, peaceful and loving children of God.

This series would like to help us find our true being and inner child. Because when we get there, we have the answers to all of our questions.

"The questions always come from the mind, but we find the answers in our soul."


E-Book: Moments of Infinity - Part 2: Das Karussell (German) (Kindle)

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    Part 2: the carousel

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