Saeed explains in detail and easily understandable about ego parts and in this ebook reveals fatal misunderstandings and thinking errors.

We are children of God in the most perfect form and full of love, to whom all creation looks up with joy. Once, when we got involved in evil, something arose that never existed before: the ego.

It separates us more and more from our true nature and origin, keeps us trapped in the dark dungeon and labyrinth of evil and turns us into ego slaves. It destroys our happiness, poisons our thoughts, sabotages our good intentions, and makes us fearful and hostile.

In the triumph of love over the ego , we understand the reasons for our experiences, receive clear answers and simple solutions. In this way we achieve a true expansion of consciousness and experience more and more joie de vivre, willpower, courage for self-realization, joy in change, wealth and true bliss. In this way our life becomes a joyful adventure and the world becomes a playground for beautiful and happy ideas. This is the ultimate triumph of eternal love over the ephemeral ego.

Any distance causes separation and loneliness, especially when it arises in the heart. I see us all as one family. For me it is like the same blood is running in our veins. We are like parts of a body. When even the smallest part is in pain, the whole body suffers. That is why I see and feel the pain of all people and beings as my own, and I try to help wherever I can.

Have you ever watched people at a red light? When the traffic light turns red and everyone stops, some of them look at other cars or passers-by. You try to make eye contact for a brief moment. Or did it happen to you too that you had indescribable feelings when you were driving on the motorway and seeing people on a bridge who just stood there and watched the traffic or waved to you? Maybe you stood there yourself and waved to the people passing by. These indescribable feelings are the feeling of loneliness and the sadness about this world and above all the longing for friendship, for a healthy family and for an ideal world in which everyone treats each other in a friendly, peaceful, warm and communal way.

We are all parts of one body, members of a family, and we are in the same world. I see every single person as my sister and my brother. All people are my friends that I love. I am a friend and brother of all people. That's why I ask you to make sure that I use you.

It is a special pleasure for me that you hold this book in your hand and read these lines from my heart. I cordially invite you to immerse yourself in my thoughts of light and to take with you what you think is good, true and beautiful.

E-Book: Triumph of Love over Ego (German) (Kindle)

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