Does love exist, what does it really mean? What does it mean for us? We learn to recognize true love, to love ourselves and our lives.

There is hardly anything that has been misunderstood and abused as often as love.

It is because the human notion of love and true love are intermingled in our everyday lives. The result is a shambles that no one sees through.

Love is a phenomenon that is quoted many times and used with different meanings. Most don't even believe in the existence of love.

Love - what does it really mean? And what does it mean for us? Is there such a thing as true love? What about love at first sight? How should we distinguish between artificial and true love? How do we know if what we are feeling is true love? Love is becoming more and more important in our loveless world. We all want it, love, and yet it is difficult for most of us to recognize, almost inaccessible. Scientists, psychologists, theologians, poets and philosophers have dealt with it for millennia, and the result is not much that is useful in everyday life. So there is still a lot of confusion on this subject. Love seems to only exist in romance novels and Hollywood films and is unreachable and utopian for us and in our everyday lives.

But that's not the case!

In this lecture the misunderstandings are revealed and cleared up.
The participants learn to realize true love in their own life with very simple steps.

The following points will be dealt with in the lecture:

  • Definition of love
  • The different forms of love
  • The differences between love and being in love
  • True selflessness
  • Earthly and heavenly love
  • Self-love and self-love
  • Accept love and give love

Lecture (CD): LOVE, love and let love

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