What is help anyway? How do I best help so that it is really helped? When should I help and when does it make less sense?

We always have questions to which we cannot find an answer, at least none that satisfy us. For example, when it comes to "Real Help". Similar questions always remain unanswered: What is help anyway? When should i help? How am I supposed to help so that it is really helped and that I have done something good? Why don't I get a "thank you" for my help? Why do I have difficulty getting help? Why do we humans always want to help each other? Why do we always feel so good when we have done something good or helped?

Lecture (CD): TRUE HELP - Solidarity in need

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    Rose: Guide for all helpers

    Dear light wanderers and all helpers,
    this lecture is worth gold!
    No more wasting energy helping.
    Help sensibly and effectively.

    Backgrounds, motivations and helpful steps that everyone should consider while helping.
    All wrong beliefs and misunderstandings are cleared up.

    Conclusion: Absolutely recommendable!