Most of us associate the term "self-discipline" with inconvenience. The opposite is the case...

We believe that self-discipline leads to a joyless life because we have to forego the beautiful and the pleasant.
The opposite is the case!

True self-discipline gives us confidence, self-esteem, joie de vivre and bliss.

Those who discipline themselves do not leave their happiness to chance, but work for it in the here and now. Disciplined people make fewer and fewer mistakes, which makes them more successful and happier. The fewer mistakes we make, the more beautiful our life will be. This gives us more and more joy in life.
True self-discipline arises from love for life and for oneself. Self-discipline is the key to a healthy, rich, and happy life. With this self-discipline everyone can create their own recipe for fulfilling their dreams!

Lecture (MP3): The easy and pleasant way to SELF-DISCIPLINE

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