Isn't it strange that most of us suffer from loneliness and being single even though there are billions of people in the world?

Why is it so difficult to find the right partner?
How can we find, maintain and build our happiness in partnership?
Why do our partnerships really fail?

What is a partnership?

What is a relationship

How can I find and recognize the right partner?

How do I become an ideal partner?

How do I prepare for the ideal partnership?

Our soul brings us into this world in order to enable our consciousness to make certain insights. These are compiled in our life plan and are activated exactly according to the schedule. Through this activation, our learning lessons appear in the form of experiences. Our life tasks mainly involve gaining this knowledge.

Our encounters are also written in our soul.

Among other things, we come into this world with the intention of getting to know certain people and to get together with them. Thus, only our soul is able to recognize the right partner. That is why partnership is an emotional matter. A true partnership is only possible when we say YES in our soul and from our soul, the soul of another. The emotional YES is the essential basis for our happiness.

A happy partnership is a spiritual partnership that arises in the soul and materializes on the outside.
The plan of our soul is disturbed and destroyed by our intellect, our fears, mistakes in reasoning and wrong ideas about a partnership.

In this lecture we learn to create the basis of a happy partnership in our soul and consciousness.
We learn to prepare for the right partner or to get involved with him. Because the more mature we become in our consciousness, the fewer mistakes we make, the easier it is for us to be successful and happy in every respect. In addition, this lecture also helps to save, strengthen and deepen an existing partnership.

Because seventh heaven is not a dream, but an easily accessible reality!

Lecture (MP3): TRUE PARTNERSHIP - unity in love

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