Saeed´s destiny and life plan brought him to Germany in 1984. His professional development however did not fulfil him and studying at university was not scheduled on his life plan either.

The love of the truth and the wish to see all people and living beings to be happy lead him to inner wisdoms and his true nature. He didn´t like to see people and animals suffer and already as a little child he wanted to understand the causes of suffering and wanted to help wherever it was possible for him. In 1996 he decided to use his capabilities for everyone who wants to be happy and successful.



The television show “Lichtblick” which he produced and presented between 1998 and 2013 was a result of that decision. In this live show he provided thousands of people nationwide with mental and spiritual support. He applied his self-developed karmalogy and his ability to read the soul of the clients.

The ambassador of life, personal coach and life consultant provides individual and personal counseling worldwide.

With his vivid and practical consultation, Saeed is able to quickly find the causes of problems and provide solutions which are easy to apply. His consultations provide thousands of people with light, hope and easy solutions. His clients belong to all social classes including personalities from the world of business, politics, film and television.

The eloquent poet and author of several books also brings light into the world by his music and paintings. By means of oil paintings he creates a poetry of colors that brings light to the hearts of the viewers.

Saeed gave numerous lectures, workshops and seminars about love, relationship, self-confidence, wealth and many other topics. The lectures have been recorded and are available on CD and as downloads. Further information about karmalogy, the current karmalogical forecasts and Saeed´s work can be obtained at his information days and on his regularly released videos.

Saeed refuses any type of membership or affiliation to companies or institutions, especially to religious, political, commercial or esoteric concepts and ideas. He believes that we, as children of God are all equal and no one should put himself above others. In hierarchically structured systems like religions, politics, economics, or esoterism we cannot be happy and free. Also in esoteric or religious sects people can never be happy. Every person should listen to his own heart and not to religious, esoteric, economic or political leaders. Therefore Saeed dissociates from all those types of communities and captivities.

You can follow Saeed on Google+ and YouTube.

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The meaning of the name “Saeed Habibzadeh”:


*Saeed = sent by God with the order to spread joy and wisdom in this world.

**Habib = friend (that is how God is called in mysticism)

**Zadeh =  born of