Saeed regularly releases current karmalogical forecasts on videos. You can purchase them in the shop. Free videos are available on his YouTube channel. You can subscribe to his channel, subscribers will be informed via e-mail about new video releases.

At the moment Saeed’s videos are only available in German, however videos in English are planned for the future.

Have a look down below for a video of Saeed’s paintings and a video of Saeed playing and commenting the first movement of the moonlight sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven on the piano. The comments are subtitled in English.

Dear light wanderers, dear karmalogy friends

We have introduced a wonderful video series in which we will not only inform you about the love energies of each month, but we will also explain on which days you can meet which type of people and how you can approach them most intelligently. We will explain when you ought to be active or passive, in order to find the right partner. It is so easy to be happy if you know the individual path to get there and if you know the favorable and unfavorable days for your plans in advance.

In these videos we do not only show you how the relation to the opposite sex looks like in the current month, but I also give you precious information, tips, insights and backgrounds about invisible cosmic forces, in order to become permanently happy!

Saeeds and his karmalogy friends‘ video productions are being well received and appreciated. We have more and more happy clients and that makes us again happier!

Anyone can profit from these videos about love energies and the relationship between men and women, especially people

  • who are single and no longer wish to be so
  • who are single and wish to find a partner
  • who are single and wish to be found by a partner
  • who do not just want to meet anyone but their soul mate
  • who have an unhappy relationship with their partner and want to improve it
  • who want to make their relationship more beautiful
  • who want to be a better partner
  • who want to overcome their inhibitions and blockades
  • who want to better understand the opposite sex
  • who want to better understand their own behavior in their relationship
  • and of course who are interested in karmalogy


Saeed and his karmalogy friends


If you encounter problems to play the videos, try to play them with the VLC media player.
The videos are available on Saeed’s YouTube channel to which you may subscribe. Subscribers will be informed about new video releases via e-mail.

Saeed founded karmalogy, his own kind of karmic astrology
Claudia, Evi and Diana produce monthly and yearly karmalogic forecast videos. These free karmalogy forecast videos are available on Saeed’s YouTube channel to which you may subscribe.
Subscribers will be informed about new video releases via e-mail. 

„Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – First Movement“

Film about the touching story of a tragic separation and its coping in a piece of music. Commented and performed by Saeed.

Samuel Schwarzkopf (camera and editing), Carsten Ewertz (subtitles) and I (piano and comments) created a documentary about the most famous piano sonata of the world: Ludwig van Beethoven’s moonlight sonata. In this video I explain the context and the history of the moonlight sonata. Additionally I explain each part of the first movement and its meaning. In this way the moonlight sonata becomes a mental experience and a time travel into Beethoven’s world of emotions. The first movement of this sonata narrates the history of Beethoven’s most dolorous separation from which he never recuperated

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