What exactly is letting go?

What is that good for?

How do I know what to let go of?

How can I learn to let go?

Life is a constant change. Those who do not accept the changes reject life and stand still. Man can stand still, but his life continues, past him! This creates a swamp of suffering, grief, loneliness, disappointment and illness. Whoever stops inside, not only stops, but moves downwards in his own swamp.

This need not be!
Because we have a very simple and effective tool: Let go!

Letting go is the bridge from old to new life. Our outer life is constantly renewed. We should also renew our inner life by constantly renewing, correcting and expanding our thoughts, feelings, desires, goals, words and behaviors.

In this lecture we learn to recognize and correct the obsolete in us with simple steps. Letting go increases our quality of life to such an extent that we feel better and happier every day.

Lecture (MP3): LET GO

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